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Ideas For A TV Stand

natural wood tv stand birch

One of the focal points of a majority of our living rooms is the television. We gather around with friends and family to look at this magic box. Whether we are binge-watching a TV show, or finally buying our favorite movie…the TV is one of the most frequently used objects in the house. You may be cooking, but is the television on as well? Falling asleep? Or are you falling asleep with the TV on?

No matter the case, things that are heavy and expensive deserve a home that fits. Here are a few classic and stylish ideas for a TV stand that may help as you make your decision! Depending on the style of your living room, these TV stands could be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your home.

wooden ideas for a tv stand

Imagine that it is the night of the Super Bowl. You have tons of friends coming over bringing the classic Superbowl snacks. You have the TV on the right channel and everyone is beginning to sit down and watch. Your TV is sitting on a stand from a big box store that you found on sale one weekend. The problem is…plywood tends to be less durable than sturdy natural wood. It doesn’t take much cheering and jumping before that TV wears down that TV stand.

Yes, that is a dramatic example. But we have all been in moments where different furniture just gives up. We want to take a look at some ideas for a TV stand that will only have you making 1 purchase instead of many. We will check out the styles of those stands, and how you can successfully match the size of your TV to the size of its stand.

Ideas For a TV Stand: Wood Choices

There are many different types of natural wood TV stands, both in the type of wood and style of the stand. We are going to take a look at the most popular kinds for each! As we take a look at each type of wood, we will give pros and cons to keep in mind. It’s important to know that each type will give you that natural wood TV stand look that you are going for. It will be your preference that sets one apart from another.


One of the most common types of wood for indoor furniture, an oak TV stand can bring together any living space. This affordable wood is also one of the more durable options, guaranteeing a space for your TV for many years. You can also adapt Oak nicely to fit your room color with DIY staining and finishing projects. 

natural wood oak tv stand


  • Durability
  • Color Options
  • Affordability
  • Workability


  • Requires specific finishing for scratch resistance
  • Budget-friendly for durability, however more expensive than other woods


This is a more ornate or decorative style of wood. This would make a fantastically detailed TV stand for a room that matches that standard. While color can vary, the darker hues are generally the more common and purchased.

natural wood tv stand walnut


  • Rich, Dark Colors
  • Older & Modern Styles
  • Durability


  • Price
  • Can be too ornate for some rooms


Cherry, for a natural wood TV stand, is highly sought after for its beautiful red color. The deep red hues and durability make it perfect for making your own furniture as well. Cherry continues to deepen and become more attractive as the years go on.

natural wood stand cherry


  • Purchasing or DIY projects
  • Rich Color
  • Workability


  • Tougher to Stain
  • Color darkens with light exposure, choose accordingly


This timeless wood is liable to last hundreds of years if properly taken care of. Often used in dining room tables, this has to be a durable wood to hold up to the weight and usability of such a table. This wood resists rot and is often used in drums and guitars as well. This is one of our favorite ideas for a TV stand.

natural wood mahogany tv stand


  • Durable
  • Warm Style
  • Workability


  • Durable
  • Warm Style
  • Workability


Maple brings a light-hearted touch to the natural wood department. Being very dense, it gives a strength different than the other types of wood. Affordability and workability are the names of the game when it comes to maplewood.

natural woo tv stand pine


  • Affordable
  • Workable
  • Stronger Than Most Other Types


  • Heavy
  • Prone To Cracks


This lightly colored abundant wood can be perfect for the open space in your home. Allowing your TV to rest on a birch stand will give a nice uniform feel with the straight grains that it offers. This type of wood favors looks over holding up to wear.

natural wood tv stand birch


  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Longevity


  • Tendency To Warp
  • Can Be Cracked More Easily Than Most


This light wood is the most inexpensive on our ideas for a TV stand list. If you are looking for a starter TV stand or one for a kid’s room, this is the best option. Complete with desirable knots and light hues, pinewood stains, and paints very nicely.

natural wood tv stand pine


  • Stains & Paints Well
  • Affordability
  • Light Weight


  • Less Durable
  • Shrinks/Expands With Temperature Changes

Ideas For A TV Stand: Styles

Now that we have taken a look at the choices of woods for your TV stand, let’s take a look at the natural wood TV stands themselves. Keep in mind that some of these types can be combined with others. (ex: an open minimalist)


The open style of a natural wood TV stand incorporates your already decorated living space. There is no encasing or back portion of this type of TV stand. Its open look allows the wood stand, wall, and floor to artistically work together. This style most often includes some type of shelving below the TV. The open feel also allows easy access to media players and stored materials.

natural wood coffee table


This style helps contribute to the lack of clutter look. We know you have a lot of things to store, and the TV stand can be a great place. Try the closed option for doors that allow you to keep your belongings from junking up your living space. 

closed natural wood tv stand
Image source


Do you remember the hotel rooms where there was no visible TV? You then opened the cabinet doors to reveal your movie-watching evening experience. The cabinet-style natural wood TV Stand is not as popular today as it was in the early 2000s, but it still has practical uses with modern updates. The older styles had the TV hidden inside the cabinet doors, with drawers below. The new styles replace the drawers below with cabinets and leave the top open for the TV to sit on.

cabinet natural wood tv stand


This rectangular TV stand features multiple compartments for storage. With options like shelving, cabinets, and designed spaces for electronics, the console is meant to be a smaller version of the entertainment center. 

console natural wood tv stand

Main + Towers

This is another type of stand that steals a few characteristics from the entertainment center. While not enclosed, it surrounds the TV on both sides with 2 separate tower pieces. Used for surround speakers and extra shelving, these towers draw focus to the main piece of the stand located in the middle. The central piece is often equipped with sliding or cabinet doors that are solid wood or glass. 

main towers natural wood tv stand
Image source


Continuing on our ideas for a tv stand list we come to one of the largest options you can choose from. Made up of a top and bottom section comprised of a countertop console and an “n” shaped decorative upper section, this stand will need ample wall space to stand against. With the ability to double as a bookshelf, it can also save you space in the end by being a one-stop storage system. 

natural wood tv stand hutch
Image source

Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is the largest stand on our ideas for a TV stand list. The name of the game here is usability. Often comprised of sections from ceiling to floor, this center can include bookshelves, cabinets, speaker sections, a place for the TV, and extra storage. Often the most expensive, this stand will be the main focal point of the room given its size and what it can offer. 

natural wood tv entertainemnt center
Image source


A floating TV stand is often of modern design and features no legs or base. Secured on studs in your wall, the storage comes in the few cabinets, drawers, or shelves that comprise the body of the natural wood stand. 

floating natural wood tv stand
Image source


This option gives you the most control over the positioning of your television. With the main part of the unit attached to a swivel, or rotating base, you can turn the TV away from glare or toward yourselves. This option is particularly good if you are using the room that the TV is in as 2 spaces. Turning the TV away from a sleeping baby in a crib can save hours of crying. 

natural wood swivel tv stand
Image source


One of the newer ideas for a TV stand, a block features the most simple design. This is simply one section attached with or without legs. It can include storage space but is often dialed back to just simply be a resting place for your television. 

bloc natural wood tv stand
Image source


A fireplace natural wood TV stand seems a little contradictory. However, the fireplace will be electric, which will make sure to not harm your wooden stand. The fireplace draws even more focus in your room giving a “home” feel no matter where it is placed. The fireplace stand can also be incorporated with different styles of TV stands. (e.g.: an entertainment fireplace natural wood TV stand)

fireplace natual wood tv stand
Image source


A pillar-style TV stand is basically a console stand that stretches vertically instead of horizontally. With the same style of storage compartments, this stand is perfect for rooms with less floor space. The unique design allows for slender standing speakers on either side. 

natural wood tv stand pillar


The corner natural wood TV stand is made exclusively for the corner of your room. The rear of this stand has a shape that was made to slide smoothly into place between the 2 walls. Other TV stands can take up excessive space when positioned in a corner, so this TV stand saves space and saves open walls.

coner natural wood tv stand
Image source

Ideas For A TV Stand: Feel


The minimalist style is the simplest of the ideas for a TV stand list. The goal is “less is more”. Often combined with the modern style, what minimalism lacks in usability, it makes up for in openness.

minimalist natural wood tv stand
Image source


Luxury TV stands are the complete polar opposite of minimalist. This design often has multiple features that are not seen in normal TV stands (charging points, fireplace,). It also features designs that are more extensive than any other stand. 

 luxury natural wood tv stand
Image source


These stands while being made of wood, also can incorporate metallic design. Designed to be in darker shades, the rough look of this stand signifies the transition into the modern era of civilization.

industrial natural wood tv stand
Image source


This style is always looking forward to. While this style changes over the years, the components that make up the modern look do not. The amount of modern TV stands that are on the market also makes it hard to determine the best from the middle of the pack. Key things to look for are; the type of wood and the way it is built. 

modrn natural wood tv stand
Image source


The classic style is meant to be timeless. With the notion that these don’t go out of style, risks are not taken when it comes to the design. The sleek and often simple look gives you the easy decision of making this piece work in your home.

classic natural wood tv stand
Image source


Rustic TV stands can have an unfinished feel to them. The raw wood feel can give off “old-fashioned” vibes. Often at home in a cabin, these units can use reclaimed or re-purposed wood. 

rustic natural wood tv stand


Entering into the European ideas for a TV stand, we know that our culture is shaped by tons of different cultures. If you walk into any Ikea you will see many different European styles. There is no one definition for these, but they are often associated with a stylish modern style. The design can sometimes feature natural wood, but beware of the “wood material” that is also used. 

scandanavian natural wood tv stand
Image source


Farmhouse-style TV stands employ extra space while also being of a unique design. These stands often include sliding cabinet doors as well as a myriad of other features that symbolize a farmhouse. We also offer farmhouse bedroom furniture, if you love the farmhouse style!

farmhouse natural wood tv stand


An antique natural wood TV stand is one that has been handed down over generations. Whether purchased from an antique store or given as a family heirloom, these TV stands can’t really be made anymore. Current “antique” TV stands are generally categorized as rustic.

antique natural wood tv stand
Image source


Moveable TV stands are perfect for a large floor of your home. If you don’t want to have to spend money on multiple TVs for many rooms of your home, the moveable option is perfect. Accompanied by wheels, this is the only type on the ideas for a TV stand stand list that has that feature. This stand slides easily to make sure you can view your favorite movies and shows anywhere in your home.

movable tv stand
Image source

Ideas For A TV Stand: Other Factors


Another thing to consider when purchasing a TV stand is the size. Many people fall in love with their natural wood TV stand but forget to check whether or not it will actually fit where they want it to. Start by choosing the style of your stand, and then make sure you have a spot picked out where it can go. Then, get the measurements of the TV stand and check to see if you can bring it home!

natural wood tv stand in ky


There can be many different features of the varieties of TV stands. Some of the features actually make the TV stand a different style (luxury). There have been many different features outlined in the types and styles above, but here are the most sought-after features. 

  • Fireplace
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Glass Design
  • Metal Design
  • Wheels
  • Outlets


We hope this has helped you figure out how to choose the best natural wood TV stand. No matter what style or design you choose, you should know exactly what you are in for. Natural wood is one of the most sought-after materials to create new home furniture. If you need help as you are making your decision, we would love to help! We have a variety of models to choose from as well as an in-stock selection. Happy hunting!

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