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Portable Buildings in Bowling Green KY
Portable Buildings for Additional Storage & Protection

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At Four Winds, we love providing portable buildings for all types of needs. While we are located in Kentucky, we are just a few miles from Tennessee. This allows us to serve many different areas with our solid structures. Designing a new backyard space? We have furniture as well as buildings made just for you!

Do you need a shed to store tools and lawn equipment? We can help with that. Tired of having your car exposed to the elements? Why not check out one of our custom garages? Looking for a family vacation spot that is your own? Grab a customized cabin and start making memories today!

Discover your next portable building with the assistance of our helpful service team. Explore our selection of portable buildings below.

Sheds in Bowling Green KY

When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment or excess storage, a shed is a perfect storage solution. Sheds provide plenty of security for storing a wide variety of valuable items. Plus, sheds are very convenient since they are located only a few steps outside your home. Never pay for an expensive storage unit when you can own a storage shed and keep it right outside your home!

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Are you facing the dilemma of not knowing where to store your car? Are you wishing for a space where you can protect your vehicle from the full brunt of Mother Nature? If so, a portable carport is perfect for you! A portable carport offers you an affordable and effective vehicle protection solution. Give your vehicle the weather protection it deserves and, in the process, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is protected under a heavy-duty metal structure. Common metal carport sizes to choose the appropriate size carport

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Looking for that sweet new getaway home? One that will allow for those fun last-minute vacations to the mountains, lake, or woods? Whatever your plan, make sure you get the right building and right design for your needs with a tiny cabin. These modern prefab cabins are great for secondary/vacation homes or earning passive income by renting them on Airbnb, Vrbo, and more.


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Finding a secure building for your vehicles doesn’t have to be costly and overcomplicated. At Four Winds, we have a selection of in-stock car garages to choose from. You can also get a free quote on a custom building. Learn more about our quality pre-built garages and see if they’re right for your car situation. Don’t hesitate, to take the first step in owning your new prefab garage today! If you are interested in garages, check out the unique & custom garages article for different options and add-ons.

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Chicken coops

Grabbing a great home for your chickens has never been easier. These custom coops can house your backyard friends and give them a great spot to live. Check out a bit more about our backyard chicken coops and find the one that is best for you!

backyard chicken coops


Our playhouses are designed to give your kids the maximum adventure. One day it’s a spaceship heading for mars, and the next day it’s a simple farmhouse. With these playhouses style, all you need is your imagination. Check out the styles and features of these structures!

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dog kennels

Giving our pups a safe place to be outside is really important. If you don’t have a fence or a way to contain your fast furry friend, a dog kennel might be for you! Available in different sizes and colors, choosing your dog’s outdoor home has never been easier. Learn more about our dog kennels and browse the in-stock selections here!

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Why Choose Four Winds for Portable Buildings?

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Wide Selection

Four Winds offers a wide selection of portable buildings in Kentucky. From sheds and carports to animal shelters (including chicken coops and small horse barns) we have the portable building you need.


Multiple Builders

We sell portable buildings from many different manufacturers to provide you with a wide variety of options and styles to choose from. Your ideal portable building awaits! Try our 3D Builder to begin your process today!



All of our portable buildings were constructed locally in Kentucky and we proudly serve the surrounding areas. Stop by to see us sometime! We are right here in Bowling Green.

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Looking to get your hands on new indoor or outdoor furniture, or a building? Download a free catalog and check out our products before you buy. We have a wide selection of different styles so that you can find the right piece of furniture or building for you.

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We offer a large selection of indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, buildings, and accessories. Check our inventory online or visit us to find exactly what you're looking for!

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