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Chicken Coops For Sale In Bowling Green, KY
Homes For Your Backyard Chickens

backyard chicken coops

Looking to get into one of the newest popular hobbies? Starting a poultry-keeping journey isn’t just about having fun, it comes with perks like having fresh eggs, meat, and some delightful feathered friends. However, to ensure your chicken-keeping experience is top-notch, you need to give your birds a safe and comfortable home. With our quality-built chicken coops, you can successfully take your chicken adventure to a whole new level and provide your feathered friends the home they need.

Imagine waking up to the happy sounds of your feathered friends clucking away, laying tasty eggs just a short stroll from your kitchen. These portable coops aren’t just structures; they’re investments in your birds’ well-being.

Constructed in your local areas, these small coops are made with pressure-treated lumber. The paint is added to make these little buildings pop! Each of our coops is unique because we custom make them.

Our backyard chicken coops come with windows, nesting boxes, a human door, a chicken door, and a small porch.

Check out our available repo chicken coops—a more affordable and sustainable way to start poultry-keeping! You can also browse our in-stock selection of coops or contact us for more information. If you’re ready to start owning your customized coop, submit a free quote!

In Stock Chicken Coops for Sale in KY

Standard Features for Chicken Coops

All of our coops come with wood siding. This is the best material to allow your backyard coop to be durable and long-lasting. There are 4 nesting boxes as well as a roosting rack on the inside. Each coop comes with a porch and a human-sized door! Customize your style with the color of your choosing.

Chicken Coop Options


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Pick your favorite combination of colors for your new chicken coop. Go with the traditional or shake things up by picking an uncommon secondary color! Either way, your new coop will be custom-designed just for you!


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Choose the spots for your windows, to get an inside scoop on how your chickens are doing in their new coop. Whether single or double, you have the ability to create the look of your new building!


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Your porch is the entryway to the home. It is the same way for your chicken coop. Customize the finish and color of your chicken’s new front porch!

We would love to help you find the perfect Chicken Coop for your backyard animals. Have any questions regarding our products? Give us a call at (270) 781-4612. You can also check to see if we have the cabin you need in stock or you could request a custom building by filling out a free quote. Securing your new Tiny Cabin in KY has never been easier! Get started today!
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