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Your outdoor scenery is very important. The landscape is the first place you lay your eyes on when looking at an impressive home. While it is key to maintain one’s property, it is also important to decorate it in an appealing way. When careful maintenance and tasteful outdoor accessories combine, you and your guests enjoy a simply stunning property!

Design your outdoor space with landscape accessories that will highlight the beauty and the unique details of your lovely home. Explore our selection of landscape accessories below and find the right structure for your ideal outdoor décor!


A fountain is a very popular outdoor landscape accessory. It provides a beautiful view of any backyard. Give your outdoor space a fascinating and fun new feature with a water fountain!

garden fountain


When looking to enhance the look of your garden or your outdoor walkway, an arbor is a great structure for doing just that! An arbor provides flowers, fruits, and vegetables a spine to grow on. Enjoy watching your arbor come to life with the addition of green foliage gracing its curving top, or simply enjoy the increased loveliness its standalone structure adds to your backyard.

arched entrance with roses


Do you love the look of plants in your backyard space? Imagine the plants in a lovely vase, or better yet, a stunning urn to improve its presentation even more. Get the urn planter you want for your home today!

elegant begonia planter


Is the lighting in your outdoor space an issue? Our lamps are a great alternative to standard outdoor lighting and they come at a much lower price. Ditch those cheap lights that are bound to break, and ensure your property has a reliable outdoor light source today. Enjoy the discovery of your ideal lamp!

landscape accessories with lighting


Are you tired of having the same plain mailbox as everyone else around you? Maybe your plastic mailbox has seen better days. We have a great selection of cast aluminum mailboxes that are sure to bring that extra something to your property!

Cast Aluminum Mailbox
Cast Aluminum Mailbox

Why Choose Four Winds for Landscape Accessories?


Wide Selection

From fountains to outdoor lamps, we have a large selection of landscaping accessories for you to choose from.



Each landscaping accessory is made with high-quality materials. We supply a wide variety of quality materials that are used to craft landscape accessories including our most popular material, cast iron aluminum.

united states

Made in USA

We are proud to say that every landscape accessory we offer is manufactured in the US.

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