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Backyard High Roof Sheds For You

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The High Barn Shed is the perfect upgrade for your backyard storage or as an office shed. Bring a little class to your backyard, with the visual beauty of a barn combined with the usefulness of a shed. These sheds are made with quality materials that will stand for years. Customize yours, or browse out in-stock models to own one today!

Interested in a different style of outbuilding? Check out the 3 main shed series we offer!

Standard Features for High Barn Sheds

Each High Barn Shed comes with pressure-treated floor joists and skids. The roof will last you for decades with the paper beneath that is designed to prolong life expectancy. The double door will give you adequate space for lawnmowers or any other equipment coming in and out of your shed.

Storage Building Options


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Browse the in-stock selection of high barn sheds to find the best color for you! Or, you can submit a free quote and let us know the color preference you have for your backyard shed.

Windows & Doors

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Add additional doors and windows to your shed for more light and easier access. Make sure to measure your storage items to know what size you want for your property!


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Check out our other shed styles, or upgrade this shed style! Add features like a porch or loft to complete your high barn shed.

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