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Are your vehicles parked outside of your home in bad weather and you’re tired of the constant worrying about the safety of your vehicle? Whether you need space for just one car or if you need space for four cars, Four Winds Store has a portable garage for you. 

Our pre-built portable garages make for quick and easy set-up. We’ll deliver your garage to your property and place it exactly where you want it. Built durably to withstand any weather and rough use, our garages make it easy to move them to a new location if you move. 

Preserve the condition of your classic old cars by housing them within a custom-built portable garage. With ample space tailored to your requirements, this sheltered space offers an ideal environment for restoring and working on your cherished vehicles. Safeguarded under a sturdy roof, both your cars and essential tools remain shielded from the elements, ensuring they stay in top-notch condition for years to come.

If you find your happy place in the great outdoors, spending most weekends on the water with your boat, canoe, or kayaks, ensure their longevity and make more memories with loved ones by storing them indoors during the weekdays. Keeping your watercraft safe and protected will guarantee they remain in excellent condition, allowing you to make the most out of your adventures for years to come, creating countless memorable moments with family and friends.

The versatility of portable garages extends beyond vehicle protection. Their spacious roll-up doors make them an excellent choice for convenient storage solutions. Effortlessly load your belongings into the garage, knowing that they will be secure and sheltered from the elements, no matter how heavy the rain or strong the wind may be outside. With a portable garage, you can confidently store your items, ensuring they remain safe and protected for as long as needed.

If you operate a lawn care business, a portable garage is the perfect new addition to your company. It will provide you with ample space to store your mowers, weed-eaters, and various other lawn equipment. During winter months, a garage is an excellent way to keep your equipment out of the elements and protected for your next season of work.

Do you enjoy tinkering around with small projects or doing small engine repairs? A portable garage makes a functional and sturdy workshop for you to complete your next project in. Outfit your garage with workbenches and shelves for your tools and enjoy the ample space provided by a garage. Throw open the large roll-up door and let the natural light shine onto your work. 

Is the landscaping on your property one of the features you’re most proud of? If that’s the case, then you probably find yourself with a lot of landscaping tools and products that have accumulated. Storing them in the convenient location of your portable garage is a great way to organize your things while keeping them dry and protected so they last longest and stay in better shape. 

Check out our selection of portable garages currently in stock and start dreaming of a new addition to your property. Say goodbye to the days of parking your car outside and then later worrying about its safety as a storm comes. With a new garage you can have space to keep your vehicle protected and store other valuable items away from the elements.

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