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Repo Dog Kennels in Bowling Green, KY
Quality Dog Kennels At An Affordable Price

repo dog kennel

Are you looking for a high-quality home for your furry friend but can’t seem to find one at an affordable price? Our repo dog kennels are our most affordable option to provide your dog with a comfortable outdoor space. They are designed with your dog’s happiness in mind while maintaining a stylish look. If you want a quality home for your dog that’s still cost-effective, our repo dog kennels are the perfect choice.

These dog kennels can’t be customized; they come as they are. If you’re looking to design a home for your dog that’s all their own, please check out our custom dog kennels. If you’re unsure what size you’ll need, check out this dog kennel size guide.

Benefits of A Repo Dog Kennel

  • Cost-Effective: We sell these kennels at a discounted price compared to our brand-new kennels.
  • Eco-Friendly: Repo dog kennels are an eco-friendly choice because you’re repurposing an existing kennel instead of purchasing a new one.
  • No Waiting Time: Unlike when you buy a new kennel, these kennels do not require much time to make because they’ve already been built and are available for immediate purchase.
  • Variety of Options: When purchasing a repo dog kennel, you still have many different sizes and styles to choose from.

Repo Dog Kennels Questions & Answers

  • What is a Repo Dog Kennel?
    • A repo dog kennel is one that has been repossessed by a financial institution because the original owner did not pay. After repossessing, we resell it to you at a discounted price.
  • How Much Does a Repo Dog Kennel Cost?
    • A repossessed dog kennel costs between $3500 and $6000, depending on the size, style, features, etc.
  • Can I Rent To Own A Repo Dog Kennel?
    • Yes, you can; check out this page for rent-to-own financing.
  • Can I Inspect the Repo Dog Kennel Before Purchasing It?
  • Will I Need to Make Repairs to the Repo Dog Kennel After Purchasing It?
    • It’s unlikely that you’ll need to repair the dog kennel after purchasing it, as we ensure that all our repo dog kennels are still in quality condition.

In Stock Repo Dog Kennels for Sale in KY & TN

Standard Features for Repo Dog Kennels

All of our kennels are built with high-quality materials. Unfortunately, we can’t offer customizable options with these kennels, but you can still check out our custom dog kennel options. However, our repo kennels still come in various sizes and colors. We sell these kennels as they are.

Repo Kennel Options


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Repo kennels are sold as they are. We do not customize the colors, but here are the most common colors of our repo dog kennels—gold-brown, green, and light gray.

Windows & Doors

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We do not do any custom-built windows or door installation on our repo kennels. We sell them as they are. If you prefer customizing your kennel, submit a free quote.


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Our repo kennels are available in various sizes and styles, but we do not offer customizable options with these kennels. We sell our repo kennels as they are.

We would love to help you find the perfect Kennel. Have any questions regarding our products? Give us a call at (270) 781-4612. You can also check to see if we have the Kennels you need in stock, or you could request a custom piece by filling out a free quote. Securing your new Dog Kennels in KY & TN has never been easier! Get started today!
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