15 Items To Help With Outdoor Entertainment

outdoor entertainment

Having people over to enjoy your backyard space is a lot of fun. Looking out at your backyard and realizing there isn’t anything there…is not. Here are 15 things that can help spruce up your outdoor space!


one person glider outdoor entertainment

Gliders can be the perfect relaxation tool for your backyard. Gliders are generally available in wood or poly material. Their sizes vary depending on the number of people you purchase it for. The main dimensions are for 1-2 people at a time. This means either a 2-foot or 5-foot length is standard. 

Gliders can help with outdoor entertainment by giving you and your guests various seating options. A chair can make you feel stiff and uncomfortable over time. Adding a moveable chair “glider” with some cushions or space for two can be just what you need!


outdoor entertainment swing

Swings are a great way to bring a bit of fun into your backyard. Swings, like gliders, generally are built to seat 1-2 people. The tricky part with swings is that you need a space to hang them. This could be an extra metal stand, or you can hang it from a roof in your backyard if possible. Swings usually are 2-3 feet for one person and 4-5 feet for two.

Swings can help you with the outdoor entertainment of kids. Yes, swings are great for extra seating…but kids gravitate towards them just as fast, if not more so! Allow your kids to be a part of the evening with an outdoor swing.

Adirondack Chairs

adirondak chairs outdoor entertainment

Adirondack chairs were originally an East Coast design to provide another seating style for homes. Now, they are featured in many different climates and come in different types themselves. There are single low back, single stationery, double stationery, single rocking, and double rocking. Each of these is designed with wood or poly material. 

Adirondack chairs can help with outdoor entertainment by providing more seating options. These chairs are easy to clean and maintain and give extra space when relaxing. Instead of getting a rocking chair, why not try a custom-made Adirondack?

Dining Table & Chairs

outdoor entertainment dining table

The ultimate outdoor entertainment experience starts with a dining table and chairs. Make meals and eat with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Dining tables are available in any type of style that you can dream of! The main styles are family-style, bar, and traditional. This gives you a high, low, and standard option for tables.

Commonly made of wooden polyester, these tables are built to withstand outdoor climates. Play games, eat food, and share stories with a dining table and chairs.


outdoor entertainment fountain

Fountains are not seen in most backyards but can offer a great visual for outdoor entertainment. As you eat and relax outdoors with your guests, you can do it right next to a unique water structure. Fountains can add a level of class and decor that you don’t see on many properties. 

Fountains are available in many different sizes that are all categorized by tiers. These metal backyard fountains can also double as birdbaths depending on the type of fountain.


outdoor entertainment heater

A backyard heater doesn’t need much explaining. Accompany a heater with a pergola, pavilion, or roof structure of some sort to create your own warm environment. These features allow you to enjoy your backyard space even when it is cold! 

Heaters allow for more outdoor entertainment throughout the year. First featured in restaurants, they became popular enough to be featured outside of homes as well. The heater can be an excellent addition for you, even if you are generally in a warmer climate. Completely control the temperature of your backyard space no matter what.


outdoor entertainment arbor

Arbors are a feature that is often seen in weddings, gardens, and walkways. These unique structures provide a little class to your backyard. Often featuring flowers or other decorative items, they bridge the gap from modern to natural. 

Arbors can be made of metal or wood and allow for a beautiful visual landscape to enhance your outdoor entertainment even further. There are many different styles available. One of the first things you should do when purchasing an arbor is decide what you want to use it for.


outdoor entertainment flower pot

Beautify your backyard with an urn designed to hold any plant life. Plant decor always increases the aesthetics of your outdoor entertainment. While gadgets like speakers, heaters, and lighting are wonderful, plants genuinely make it feel like you are out in nature. 

There are many different types of urns and holders for plants and flowers. There are ceramic urns and metal urns. The latter being the more durable. If you want to accessorize your backyard, a plant urn can make your gatherings look great.


outdoor entertainment grill

A grill provides one of our favorite elements of outdoor entertainment. The food! You can obviously use the grill to help feed your hungry guests, but it doesn’t need to be an eyesore to work well. Your grill can add a visual touch while also being functional. Most people agree that charcoal grills have a better taste, but gas grills are much more manageable. 

Here is a helpful list to get you started purchasing your grill. After buying your grill, you can then figure out how to incorporate it into your backyard. If you have a bar, it could work well behind that. We have also seen grills built into the walls of the back patio. Either way, this grill is undoubtedly going to turn up the outdoor entertainment at your house this year!


hammock outdoor entertainment

Hammocks make us think of a beach vacation. Taking a nap in a hammock after being in the ocean is one of the best feelings. The outdoor entertainment dial for relaxation is at an all-time high if you can get a durable hammock in your backyard. I say durable because we have all seen what happens when they are not.

Hammocks come in lengths of 9 to 14 feet and generally are made of polyester or cotton material. You have the option of hanging these from posts in the ground, from a metal stand or attached to your home. Whatever way you choose, turn your backyard into a relaxation station.


outdoor entertainment bird bath

You might not have thought about a birdbath for your backyard. The addition of a place for our winged friends could be the perfect ambiance for your gatherings. How do birdbaths improve your outdoor entertainment? How about something as simple as bird watching? Enjoy a family breakfast while birds swoop in and out of your yard.

The primary material for birdbaths is stone, but you can also find ceramic and metal without looking too hard. Need a place to start? Check this helpful article out! You can often find a birdbath sorted by accessories, size, and shape. Try utilizing this feature in your backyard and see how well it brings your space together.


outdoor speakers outdoor entertainment

One of the things that a lot of people relate to is music. There is something about a night outside with friends and family having great conversations while light music plays in the background. Or a night of fun and games while loud music blares throughout your yard! 

When choosing your outdoor speakers, you have two styles to pick from; hard-wired and bluetooth. You can build your speakers into your backyard space and make them aesthetically pleasing or just have permanent speakers in general. These will generally be better quality and weather resistant. 

You can also just grab a Bluetooth speaker for maximum outdoor entertainment. These are cheaper in most cases and allow you to take them to any other place you spend time.


outdoor entertainment firepit

Firepits are the perfect source of heat and light that bring us all together. This feature allows you to stay warm, make food, and roast some of the best marshmallows you have ever had. It provides a focal and central point that everyone can enjoy circling around. You can get a permanent firepit or a simple metal firepit.

There are endless designs for firepits and multiple elements they can be made of. A firepit can add another tier to your backyard while also increasing the outdoor entertainment factor of your home.


outdoor entertainment lighting

Outdoor lighting preferences are different for anyone you talk with. There are so many varieties of outdoor lighting it would take us another thousand words to tackle them all. You need to know that lighting improves outdoor entertainment in 2 main ways; Visibility and decoration. 

You can now have guests outside well into the night and treat them to a modern or vintage atmosphere. Whether string lighting, lamps, lighting built into structures, or anything in between, you can control your space’s look and feel.

Projector Screen

outdoor entertainment projector screen

Now you can watch your favorite shows and movies on screens that are four times the size of your TV. A projector screen can allow for the most outdoor entertainment for those who want to entertain to the max. Something to keep in mind is that the screen is not an expensive piece; the projector is. 

Standard screen sizes for your outdoor screen are in the 100-120 inch range, while more excessive models increase into the 200s. 

If you are trying to narrow down the choices of projectors, check out this helpful guide. Outdoor movies remind us of the classic drive-in theatres and allow us to bring that feeling to our homes.

Sample Backyard Setup

If you are looking for a quick idea for your backyard, check out the custom setup below!


Outdoor Entertainment Conclusion

outdoor entertainment with friends

We were built for relationships. Now we can get up our outdoor entertainment game when we host family and friends. If you are looking to spruce up your property, trying one or more of these backyard features will help you get there. 

Please let us know. We hope this article was helpful to you as you begin your journey of upgrading your backyard. Please let us know if you need help browsing our outdoor accessories store or custom outdoor furniture! Happy shopping!

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