Joel Steele

Joel Steele

The Complete Gaming Shed Guide

shed for gaming

There is nothing new about a dedicated space for gaming. Whether you are used to gaming in your room, the basement, or an attic…having an area where you can hook up, be loud, and get your game on is exactly…

The Ultimate 26 Shed Ideas + Uses List

garage shed ideas

So you have a backyard shed. How do you plan on using it? Did you know there are actually hundreds of potential uses for your outbuilding? We have compiled the ultimate list of 25 shed ideas you can use for…

Can I Have An Office Shed In My Backyard?

shed office in bowling green ky

2020 brought about a lot of changes in the business world. The main difference was the ability for companies to see the benefits of working from home. Not having to travel to an office every day is actually a blessing…

Cabin Interior Ideas

rustic cabin interior ideas

If you own or are looking to own a cabin, there are many different ways you can style the interior. The main question everyone seems to want to know is, “How can I make my cabin look nice”? So before…

Outdoor Dog Houses For Every Breed

prefab outdoor dog house

Every dog owner has had that difficult experience of an excited dog knocking over someone. No one wants to see a loved one get pummeled by your excited four-legged friend. But let’s face it. Despite our best efforts, some dogs…

The 12×16 Shed Guide

finished 12x16 shed

It happened again; you tripped over the shovel and right into the tools and almost cut your hands. If you are in the constant battle of fighting to get more space, it may be time to consider purchasing a 12×16…

Unique Bedroom Sets: Full Guide

traditional unique bedroom sets

What is the one space in your home where you spend at least 8 hours a day? Your bedroom! If you are going to spend over 8 hours a day almost every day of the year in that room, wouldn’t…

The Imaginative Backyard Playhouse

backyard playhouse in kentucky or tennessee

Do you remember playing in the backyard as a kid? These were simpler times when all we needed was space and our imagination. Sometimes that space would be an area with trees, a swing set, a large field, or a…

Small Chicken Coops: Inside & Out

chicken coop

One of the hobbies currently taking the world by storm is caring for chickens! People worldwide love keeping them as pets and love the eggs they get from their chickens. Did you know there are actually a lot of different…

Unique & Custom Garages

custom finished garage

We love things that we can tailor to our wants and desires. That’s why no one will have the same phone background or wardrobe attire. We are all unique and different. When making big purchases, you don’t always feel unique,…

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