Backyard Fountain Ideas

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When it comes to backyard fountains, there are a lot of directions you can go. Here are the best backyard fountain ideas for your home to help you choose exactly what you want!

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Backyard Fountain Ideas | Styles

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  • 3-Tier Aluminum Fountain: Water fountains are an excellent investment for outdoor decor because they provide stress relief and mind-relaxing water sound that allows for better relaxation. Our 3-tier aluminum fountains are excellent quality and durable for just that purpose. 
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  • 5-Tier Aluminum Fountain: The next size of tier fountains is our 5-tier aluminum fountain. This is a stylish water fountain that will improve and enhance your home. Everyone wants beautiful decor to go with their landscape designs, and the 5-tier aluminum fountain provides that decor as well as increasing concentration and relaxation with soothing sounds. 
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  • Cast Aluminum Birdbath Fountain: Birdbaths are a great idea to give birds a water space to relax and spend time. Most birds are attracted to bird bath fountains to cool their body. Birdbath fountains are not just for birds; they also attract other animals, like squirrels, to drink from the fountain. 
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  • DIY Backyard Fountain: Want a backyard fountain in your backyard that is customized with a charming, beautiful look that provides a view of your backyard? We have some fountains that are easy to install.
  • Waterfall Backyard Fountain: Waterfall fountains are amazing for patios, backyards, and front lawns. Waterfall Fountains also create the perfect outdoor working atmosphere.

Backyard Fountain Ideas: Basins

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 resistant and affordable. They also improve the backyard look.

Fountain basins come in different materials, like stone, ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum. The basin collects water dropped by the fountain, and the pump recycles it back to its top, where it falls in a steady, calming trickle. Basins that are used on 3-tier fountains are 15 to 17’’ wide to capture the splash, and you could use the basin to put pebbles and aquatic plants into to enhance the fountain.

Having multiple basins in your fountain makes the fountain fancier and bigger. A fountain that has multiple basins can also attract different animals simultaneously like birds and butterflies. Also, with numerous basins, the soothing sound and the water cascading from the basins is much better and more full. 

Aluminum & Stone basins are solid and durable. Unlike aluminum, stone basins do not dent or crack. With good maintenance, stone basins could last you a long time. Stone basins are also easy to clean. The downside with installing stone basins is the cost. Stone basins are more expensive than Aluminum basins. Aluminum basins are lightweight, durable and come in different designs and styles. Aluminum basins are heat + stain

Backyard Fountain Ideas: Locations

2 tier stone backyard fountain basin
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  • Garden Fountains: These give you one way to make your backyard fun and enhance your backyard plant area. Don’t forget to pay a lot of attention to the landscape and decorations together. Plus, garden fountains don’t need maintenance beyond needing a filter change every 2-4 weeks. 
backyard vegitation fountain
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  • Patio Fountains: These fountains can increase your home’s beauty and offer stunning entranceways. Patio fountains are great for outdoor dogs that may need cooling down as well!

Small Backyard Fountain Ideas

table top fountain
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  • Tabletop Fountains are designed to sit atop a structure like an outdoor table. These fountains have a wider range of shapes than wall-mounted and free-standing fountains. This style isn’t often used but can be great for a fountain on an apartment terrace. 
stone backyard fountain that that is self contained
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  • Self Contained Fountains have everything they need inside, so there is no need to hook up an outside water source. They are very beautiful to those who want to have a straightforward time installing their new fountains in the garden. These fountains are entirely self-contained. They have everything they need to function properly and do not require placement in a pond or pool.
rock water fountain
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  • Rock Water Features provide another fun fountain element in your space. The main thing for these fountains is making sure the filters are cleaned. Also, rock water features naturally attract wildlife like birds, squirrels, and rabbits. A rock water garden feature not only beautifies your yard but also increases the value of your home. With a rock water feature, you can add a fish to the pond below if possible!

Backyard Fountain Ideas: Design

self contained backyard fountain
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If you want to enhance the beauty and decor of the backyard of your home and outdoors but are limited on funds, an outdoor water fountain is an excellent choice. Whether you go for a large standing fountain, a smaller wall fountain, or even a table fountain, it’s always an elegant classic look.

Adding Vegetation and plants to your backyard will beautify the surroundings and improve the air quality. Indoor air pollution can cause headaches, dizziness, loss of concentration, and throat irritation. But if your backyard has plants, it improves the feeling of being refreshed and relieves anxiety and stress. You can also plant aquatic plants in your garden fountains. Aquatic plants, known as (floating plants) help to keep unwanted contaminants out of the fountain, like algae.

You can add pebbles to your fountain to get that rustic appearance and help the water keep cleaning, also giving it texture. You can also add lighting to your fountain to enjoy during the night. You can put them around the fountain or under the water. Fountain lighting is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry. The light can be plain white and steady for a calming effect, or colorful and changing for a more modern and stylish look, depending on your preferences

Backyard Fountain Ideas: Electricity

solar power backyard fountain
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Solar Fountains: Solar outdoor water fountains are one of the best ways to bring life to your backyard. They’re lovely, add visual interest to the exterior space, and provide a safe water source for birds and other small animals. The only issue that people frequently have is with limiting power cords. A pump is required to circulate the water in a water fountain, which requires the use of an electrical outlet. So, what’s the answer? Of course, solar power!

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