The Imaginative Backyard Playhouse

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Do you remember playing in the backyard as a kid? These were simpler times when all we needed was space and our imagination. Sometimes that space would be an area with trees, a swing set, a large field, or a pool. One of the things that has been and continues to be perfect for all kids, is the playhouse. Today, the backyard playhouse has been expanded upon and improved!

Backyard playhouses could be created for all different types of kids. It could be an art studio or simply a place to use your imagination. It could be decorated like a castle or a small home just for your kids. The possibilities are endless. What makes these playhouses worth it? Let’s take a deeper look into these outdoor playhouses. 

Kids Backyard Playhouse Styles

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Playing make-believe with your friends was once the greatest joy in life. A kid’s backyard playhouse allows for many adventures into the world of imagination. There are two main playhouse models; traditional and saltbox. The traditional resembles that of a tiny house, whereas the saltbox style is more modern. 

Is it Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Playhouse?

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In most cases, it is cheaper to build a playset yourself. There are a few things you are going to want to check on your list before deciding on this. 

  • What is your skill level?
  • Do you have the tools?
  • Do you have the time?
  • How big is the playhouse going to be?

These questions will help guide your decision to build a playhouse yourself or hire a company to do it. Some companies have prefab playhouses in stock as well. But what are prefab backyard playhouses?

Prefab Backyard Playhouse

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Prefab backyard playhouses are playhouses that come fully assembled. These playhouses can be easily moved from the company’s lot to your home. This saves you time in the building or designing process. If you find a prefab backyard playhouse that you like, it may be a good idea to purchase it before someone else does!

What Age Are Backyard Playhouses For?

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There really is no age limit to a backyard playhouse. You most likely will not be playing with your friends outside in your 50s, but we aren’t judging! In all seriousness, playhouses are great for kids from the ages of 3-12. This is where they are utilized the most!

Does A Playhouse Need A Base?

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A playhouse needs a base if it has a floor. If the floor is sitting on dirt or grass, it can negatively affect the structure of your playhouse. A foundation will also stop plant life or bugs from entering from below. A simple concrete slab will do the trick!

Do Backyard Playhouses Need Planning Permissions?

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These portable buildings are generally treated as temporary structures and therefore do not need permission to be placed on your property. It is always a good idea to check with your local zoning person just in case!

Backyard Playhouse Materials

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There are a few different and common types of materials used in popular backyard playhouses. From siding to roofing, here are the ones you will want to make sure your playhouse includes. 

Wooden Siding

This siding is going to be the most popular for all backyard playhouses. You will find few if any, backyard vinyl playhouses on the market. The wood siding holds up better and also looks better on your property. It is also easier to paint and design wood-sided playhouses for any customizable features you want. 

Metal Roof

This option is going to be one of two popular choices for backyard playhouse roofs. The main selling point of metal roofs is durability. These roofs will hold up against stronger winds and storms. They also have a sleek modern look for your playhouse. The metal roof will also reflect the sun’s light, keeping the inside of your playhouse cooler in the summer. 

Shingled Roof

A shingled roof is also a popular choice for backyard playhouses. You are probably familiar with shingled roofing because it is the style featured in most homes today. A typical shingled roof for a backyard playhouse will be less expensive than a metal roof. It is also easier to install if you are building a playhouse yourself.

Modern Backyard Playhouse

modern backyard playhouse

There are multiple versions of modern backyard playhouses on the market. Here are some of the standard features that make these playhouses modern:

  • Roof Style
  • Electricity
  • Usability (more than for looks)
  • Larger in size

A modern backyard playhouse doesn’t need to include all of these, but it is a great gauge to know whether or not you are on the right track.

Backyard Playhouse With Floor

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We highly recommend going with a backyard playhouse that has a floor. Your laundry will thank you later. Having no floor means that there is no foundation, and thus, kids will be playing on whatever ground conditions are out there that day. 

A playhouse with a floor will also allow for more durability and years of use. Just like with site preparation, your floor will help keep out unwanted backyard items. Backyard playhouses without floors will also be less expensive because they are not made to last as long.

How To Build A Backyard Playhouse

Backyard Playhouse Interior Ideas

backyard playhouse kitchen

If you are looking for some interior ideas for your backyard playhouse, ask your child if any of these sound good to them!

  • Kitchen – Start the journey to becoming a chef with a personalized tiny kitchen. Even though it’s fake to us, it won’t be to them!
  • Living Room – Grab some small chairs and a screen and create a space for your kid to call their own. A living room setting can be a great place to watch movies or play games!
  • Movie Theme – Design the outside and inside of your backyard playhouse to be like your kid is in a movie! Maybe it’s Shrek’s house, a princess castle, or decorated to be just like a pirate ship inside!
  • Game Room – Putting board games or video games in the outdoor playhouse can create hours of fun entertainment. If the goal is imagination, video games may not be the best course, however. 
  • Fort – A simple fort can be all it takes to create a storyline of good vs. evil! 

Best Backyard Playhouses

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Some of the best prefab outdoor playhouses are available to you through our store! We have high-quality playhouses with floors that are ready to go home to your yard. Custom design your playhouse with us to get exactly what you are looking for! We even offer custom outdoor furniture if you want to stock your playhouse a bit.

If you have been looking to buy a backyard playhouse, your search is over! Contact us today to find out more about these structures and how easy it is to go through the process of purchasing one. 

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