Cabin Interior Ideas

rustic cabin interior ideas

If you own or are looking to own a cabin, there are many different ways you can style the interior. The main question everyone seems to want to know is, “How can I make my cabin look nice”? So before we get to all of the cabin interior ideas, you first want to narrow your interior choices down by the type of cabin you have. You can see the ones we listed in the next section! After that, start going through the sections of your cabin to make them your own. Add things that pertain to you and your family!

Don’t forget that if you don’t have a cabin already, you can save time by purchasing a tiny cabin! If you are looking for a prefab cabin in KY, we can help. 

Now, let’s look at the different ways to use a cabin. Keep in mind you can use your cabin for multiple reasons! 

Cabin Uses + Styles

There are many different uses for a prefab cabin. Not all cabins will be decorated in the same way, so we have created six different ideas lists for potential cabin uses! We included rooms, features, and options in each section. If you want more in-depth information about the rooms of your cabin, keep reading! 

Hunting Cabin Interior Ideas

hunting cabin interior ideas
  • Rooms – These should feature earth tones or darker brown accents. You can decorate the rooms with taxidermy and mounted deer. There is generally no full kitchen, so a wood stove can also be a functional decor item. 
  • Main Features – The main features of this cabin are actually the bare minimum. When hunting, you generally spend a large quantity of your time outdoors, so there isn’t much need for a large number of amenities. A fireplace, wood stove, and cleaning space (for animals) are all features in most hunting cabins. 
  • Optional Additions – You have the option to include aspects from other cabins in your hunting cabin. If you want to have a vacation cabin double as a hunting cabin, you will want more windows, appliances, and amenities!

Vacation Cabin Interior Ideas

vacation cabin interior ideas
  • Rooms – Depending on how many rooms you have, there should be space for a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor area. Some cabins are equipped with porches or small back decks. Natural light is vital for all of these rooms to really take in your surroundings. Colors can vary, and depending on the cabin’s location; you can feature things from that area. 
  • Main Features – The main features of vacation cabins are; amenities, windows, and comfortable furniture. The more you can realistically add for yourself or your guests, the more you will likely want to be there. 
  • Optional Additions – Don’t forget to list this cabin on sites where people can rent it! This can help you pay it off and also act as a side hustle for extra spending money when you are not using your cabin. 

Modern Cabin Interior Ideas

modern cabin interior ideas
  • Rooms Modern prefab cabin interior ideas start with contrasting colors. In a modern cabin, there are a lot of blacks and whites but not many earth tones. The rooms are generally decorated with art, and there is a lot of furniture around you may not see in other places. Taking risks is a big part of making up modern cabin rooms. 
  • Main Features – The main features of a modern cabin are clean, sharp accents. Whether furniture or decor, there are a lot of straight edges. Modern cabins also contain a lot of natural light too. 
  • Optional Additions – Additional modern options include elements of technology. From lights, clocks, and appliances…there is a lot you can choose from.

Rustic Cabin Interior Ideas

bedroom cabin interior ideas
  • Rooms – You will often find elements from previous decades, whether technology, furniture, or art, in rustic cabin rooms. You will also see a lot of wood encompassed in the rooms. The colors include browns and reds. 
  • Main Features – The main features of rustic cabins are actually a bit of wear and tear on the elements of the cabin. From the outside to the inside, you know things are well used by the look of history in the cabin. 
  • Optional Additions – Optional add-ons for rustic cabins are things you may have from family members. Heirlooms or keepsakes from other generations can bring new life to your rustic cabin. 

Lake Cabin Interior Ideas

lake cabin interior ideas
  • Rooms – The rooms of lake cabins are often set to the background of blue and green. This gives a feel of the surrounding landscape. Rooms also include photography of the surrounding landscape and possible “beach-themed” decor. 
  • Main Features – The main features of a lake house cabin include sunlight and a dock. Since the primary purpose of the lake house is being outside, it benefits all guests to have more natural light and a way to get into the lake! 
  • Optional Additions – Optional add-ons for your lake cabin include; a storage area for kayaks and an upgraded kitchen for cleaning and prepping fish.

Barn Cabin Interior Ideas

tiny cabins interior ideas
  • Rooms – Barn cabin rooms often feature the red exterior of a traditional working barn. Decorate with other elements from farm life in each of the rooms to give a more personalized experience. Include hay-filled mattresses or sliding barn doors for each room. 
  • Main Features – The main features of barn cabins include the large doors for the entryway, intricate metalwork design on the exterior, and often a loft or upstairs with a barn-style roof. 
  • Optional Additions – Give your barn cabin interior a boost with decor to match that of barnyard animals. Try a cow-themed rug or chicken coop shelving.

Small Cabin Interior Ideas

one room cabin interior ideas

If you are working with a tiny cabin, then every square foot of space counts. Here are a few ways to maximize the space in a small cabin to give it the best feel possible.

  • Combine As Much As Possible – The main small cabin interior idea is to combine as much as possible. Try a sink on top of the toilet, a bed that pulls out from under a couch, and a fridge/freezer combo. This will end up saving a lot of space. 
  • Utilize Storage Space – If you have room under your cabin or a small attic or loft above, USE that space! Add extra furniture there so you can bring it out when you need it. Give your cabin seasonal decorations and store them in those locations. 
  • Create Outdoor Areas – One of the most fun ways to build up small cabin spaces is by bringing the interior to the exterior. (We know this is cheating a bit). Build an outdoor living room around a permanent campfire space, or create a relaxing hammock area by your cabin. 

Extra Large Cabin Interior Ideas

living room cabin interior ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to large cabin interior ideas. Think of everything that could be put in a home, and you will begin to understand the reach that your large cabin interior could have. As an example, we will name a few of our favorites. We know that these cabin ideas may not be able to be utilized by everyone…but it is fun to dream nonetheless. 

  • Indoor Pool – What better way to relax in your huge cabin than swimming peacefully indoors? An indoor pool is excellent for any day, no matter the weather outdoors. 
  • Oversized Fans – Oversized fans are currently trending and make excellent additions in the summer. Keep the air moving, open windows, and add an element of decor to your large cabin interior with an oversized fan. 
  • Fireman’s Pole Between Floors – This fun idea can be great with a multi-floor cabin. Utilizing a fireman’s pole will give you an easy way to navigate between floors and make your cabin interior stand out from the rest! 
  • Multiple Kitchens – If you have a large enough cabin, you can actually create a living space on each floor. If you want to rent out one floor and not the other, you can still utilize your cabin if it has multiple kitchens. 
  • Glass Wall – Having one glass wall in a living room area gives a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. If you have a cabin with a view, this can be a considerable way to capitalize on your location! 

Cabin Interior Ideas: Lighting

interior cabin lighting ideas
  • Recessed – This lighting style is generally pictured as the typical circular fixture. This provides ample lighting without taking up too much space. 
  • Pendant – These hanging lights are generally found over a dining room table, but they can also look great down hallways as well. 
  • Ambient Floor – You can find these lights at any home goods store. They can be matched to the style of your home or stand out and be placed anywhere with an outlet nearby. 
  • Accent – While not necessarily for providing copious amounts of lighting, these outdoor or indoor accents give a cabin a home-like feel. 
  • Track – Mostly found in office rooms or in the kitchen, these lights have the ability to provide ample illumination to multiple spots, given their positioning.

Cabin Interior Ideas: Rooms

tiny cabins for hunting

While you can design your cabin to be around a specific theme, you can also try the below options to make it more your own!

Cabin Interior Ideas: Kitchen

  • Counter Lighting
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Quiet Close Drawers

Cabin Interior Ideas: Living Room

  • Space Saving Furniture
  • Pull Out Bed

Cabin Interior Ideas: Bedrooms

  • Fireplace/Wood Stove
  • Under Bed Storage

Cabin Interior Ideas: Bathrooms

  • Vanity Toilet Combo
  • Standing Shower Only
  • Stackable Washer/Dryer

One-Room Cabin Interior Ideas

  • Drop Down Wall Bed
  • Limited Kitchenette

Can You Drywall The Inside Of A Cabin?

cabin interior ideas drywall

Yes! You can put up your own drywall inside of your cabin. If you have a cabin that you would like to separate into different rooms, it is actually an excellent method. 

How Well Do Log Cabins Insulate?

interior cabin ideas insulation

If done correctly, cabins can insulate very well. Think of them as tiny homes. You can live in them while controlling the interior temperature. 

Cabins In Kentucky

tiny cabins in ky

At Four Winds Store, we take pride in the cabins we offer you. If you are looking for a cabin in KY, we would love to help you get the spot of your dreams. Our prefab cabins can be transported and placed in your ideal location. Contact us to learn more and get an idea of what cabins could be suitable for you!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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