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Outdoor Dog Houses For Every Breed

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Every dog owner has had that difficult experience of an excited dog knocking over someone. No one wants to see a loved one get pummeled by your excited four-legged friend. But let’s face it. Despite our best efforts, some dogs are just hard to contain when they are so excited. That’s why an outdoor dog house (or dog kennel) can be such a benefit for you and your four-legged friend. We’ve compiled a list of the most asked questions about outdoor dog houses and have the answers to them. So, without further adieu, let’s get started. 

How Much Does An Outdoor Dog House Cost?

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An outdoor dog house (dog kennel) will cost you around $4,300…sometimes more. However, seeing that as a cut-and-dry answer is a little tricky. Many people think of a dog house as a simple little box that your dog can go in and out of in inclement weather. Nonetheless, for the purposes of this blog, we will be referring to an outdoor dog house as what some people would call an outdoor dog kennel.  The features in an outdoor dog house like this will be far more encompassing than a simple “dog box.”

What Size Outdoor Dog House Do I Need?

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10×16 is the most common outdoor dog house that people need. This size outdoor dog house allows you to have two kennel runs to give your dog the extra space that they need to roam around. However, you may need a larger or smaller outdoor dog house depending on the size of your dogs, how many dogs you have, and how many runs you feel you need. 

*Only you, as the dog owner, know how your dog will handle being in a confined space with another dog. We recommend that you have a run for each dog that you plan to house. However, you are ultimately responsible for the well-being of your dog and for maintaining your outdoor dog house. 

Outdoor Dog House | By Breed Size

outdoor dog houses for every breed

Each outdoor dog house is fitted with your dog in mind. However, each dog breed will need a slightly different custom-sized dog kennel for their size and how many you plan to house. We have placed dogs into certain categories to help you determine what size your dog is and what they will need in an outdoor dog house. These measurements will help you know what you need to look for in an outdoor dog house. 

Outdoor Dog House | Toy Group Dogs

small outdoor dog house for chiwawas

Dogs in the Toy Group are those ever so loveable dogs that you easily would think were stuffed animals if they were lying still. These dogs will need a few items for their outdoor dog house to be a success. Some of those items are a door at least 10 inches tall and an Interior area of the outdoor dog house that is insulated for sleeping.

Breed Weight Measurements

  • Chihuahua 6 pounds or less 5-8” tall
  • Yorkshire Terrier 7 pounds 7-8 Inches tall
  • Maltese under 7 pounds 7-9 inches tall

Outdoor Dog House | Small Dogs

outdoor dog kennels for beagles

Dogs in the small dog category are often associated with being the perfect dog for apartment living. However, don’t be fooled! These dogs will still love an outdoor dog house for some extended time outside. These dogs will need their outdoor dog house to have a dog door that is at least 15 inches tall with an indoor resting area.

Breed Weight Measurements

  • Beagle under 20 pounds 13 inches tall or less
  • Pug 14-18 pounds 10-13 inches tall
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 13-18 pounds 12-13 inches tall
  • Lhasa Apso 12-18 pounds 10-11 Inches 

Outdoor Dog House | Medium Dogs

outdoor dog house for australian sherpherd

Medium dogs are often associated with smaller hunting dogs or working-class dogs. After a hard day of hunting or working, an outdoor dog house is an excellent way for them to have a place all their own. With the added benefit of keeping your home clean from the dirt they would otherwise track in. Dogs of this size will need a kennel run, a dog door of 25 inches in height, and an indoor resting area.

Breed Weight Measurements

  • Bull Dogs 40-50 pounds 14-15 inches tall
  • Brittany Spaniel 30-40 pounds 17.5-20.5 inches tall
  • Australian Shepherd  40-65 pounds 18-23 inches tall
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 35-50 pounds 18-20 inches tall

Outdoor Dog House | Large Dogs

outdoor dog house for german shepherds

Large dogs are seen as iconic family dogs as well as security dogs.  While we all love our dogs, no matter what size they are, sometimes they need their own space so they can relax. On the other hand, an outdoor dog kennel like this can be a great way to have K-9 officer quarters at your home. Dogs of this size need a door that is at least 30 inches tall and a nice-sized resting area.  

Breed Weight Measurements

  • German Shepherd 50-90 pounds 22-26 Inches Tall
  • Labrador Retriever 55-80 pounds 21.5-24.5 Inches Tall
  • Pointer 45-75 Pounds 23-28 Inches Tall
  • Rottweiler 22-27 Inches 80-135 Pounds

Outdoor Dog House | Extra Large Dogs

outdoor dog houses for newfoundlands

Extra-Large Dogs intimidate people based on their sheer size. However, those who know these breeds know that they are gentle giants. No matter how gentle these giants are, when they get excited, it can be really difficult to reign in their size and excitement all at once.  Outdoor dog houses for these gentle giants will need to have a large indoor rest area and a door that is at least 34 inches tall. 

Breed Weight Measurements

  • Bernese Mountain Dog 70-115 Pounds 23-27.5 inches tall
  • Great Dane 110-175 Pounds 28-32 Inches tall
  • Great Pyrenees 85-100+ Pounds 25-32 inches tall
  • Newfoundland 100-150 Pounds 26-28 Inches Tall
dog types & kennel door sizes

Outdoor Dog House Materials

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Ensuring that your outdoor dog house is built from quality materials is of the utmost importance. To ensure that you are receiving a quality custom dog kennel, we have partnered with Esh’s Utility Buildings. All of the Outdoor Dog Houses that you purchase through Four Winds Store are built with the following standards.

Pressure-treated 4×6 runners
Walls framed at 24” on-center with top and bottom wall platesA durable metal roof
Two-tone painted siding
Pedestrian access door w/windowSleeping area with a window and divider door
Chain-link-enclosed run with dog door
A composite floor in the run area
Additional Customizable Options

Outdoor Dog Houses In Bowling Green, KY

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Picking the right outdoor dog house is something every fur parent wants to do. Yet, finding the right place to do that is difficult. That’s why at Four Winds Store, we have worked hard to ensure that you can find the best solution for your outdoor dog house. Stop by and see our inventory, or fill out a free quote form and see what we can do for you! Contact us with any questions. We’d love to help you!

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