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What is a Glider Chair? | 4 Things to Know

What is a Glider Chair

Are you looking for a piece of outdoor furniture to create a beautiful spot for relaxation in your backyard? As you look at different options for outdoor furniture, you’ll notice a lot of different products, names, brands, and styles. What is a glider chair? What is a rocking chair? What is the difference between all the different types of outdoor chairs, and which one should you choose for your backyard?

Outdoor patio furniture is a big investment. It will last you for years to come, so you want to choose furniture that you love. You want something that fits your style and needs. Keep reading to answer the questions you might have. Find out all you need to answer the question, “What is a glider chair?” and how glider chairs differ from rocking chairs. 

Glider Chair vs. Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair vs Glider Chair

You can’t answer “What is a glider chair?” without mentioning rocking chairs. These two types of chairs are very similar. They’re used for a lot of the same things, and they both offer that soothing back-and-forth motion. There are some key differences between these two types of chairs, though. Let’s take a deep dive to find out exactly what a glider chair and a rocking chair have in common and how they differ.

What is a Glider Chair?

What is a Glider Chair For Indoor Use

A glider chair is a sturdy piece of furniture designed especially for relaxation and comfort. A glider chair has a chair seat that is connected to a base that is stationary. This stationary base functions as a fixed track for the seat to glide back and forth on. This makes for a smooth and relaxing back-and-forth motion without the chair moving from one spot. Because of the stationary base, gliders can be equipped with the ability to spin around as well as move back and forth.

Glider chairs are safer than rocking chairs. Glider chairs are designed in a way that cuts back on pinching and injury that comes from moving chairs like this. The sides of gliders generally flank the stationary base and the mechanism that lets the chair glide. This helps keep fingers, toes, and tails out of harm’s way.

What is a Glider Chair Used For?

What is a Glider Chair For

Glider chairs are used for a variety of purposes. There are some chairs designed for indoor use, while others are made for use in the outdoors. Glider chairs are very popular additions to nurseries. These chairs are slowly but surely replacing rocking chairs when it comes to rocking babies to sleep. Parents like glider chairs because their children are less likely to get pinched in the moving parts. 

Patio glider chairs are very popular additions to outdoor spaces. Because of their gentle movement, they make the perfect place for relaxing outside.

What is a Rocking Chair?

What is a Rocking Chair and What is a Glider Chair

Rocking chairs have a base of two sloped pieces. These pieces cause the chair to move back and forth in a more arced motion. Moving a rocking chair takes a bit more effort to keep in motion in comparison to gliders. If you want a more intense motion, a rocking chair is a good choice for you. The curved rocking base rocks the chair in a more backward and forward motion than gliders. 

Because of their simpler construction, rocking chairs are lighter and easier to maneuver than gliders. This makes them a good choice for someone looking for a more convenient and moveable chair.

What is a Rocking Chair Used For?

What is a Glider Chair vs Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have been used for years to soothe babies to sleep. Songs and poems have been written about the bond between mothers and babies that are formed in a rocking chair. The motion of rocking chairs has a soothing effect on babies and helps relax them at bedtime.

Another iconic use for rocking chairs is a seating area on a front porch. These stately pieces on a front porch make a perfect place for watching the world go by with a cup of sweet tea in hand.

History of Glider Chairs

What is a Glider Chair Used for Outside

Glider chairs were designed by a New Yorker named George Hall. On Hall’s original patent, this chair is called a “Boozing chair.” The Boozing chair was first patented in 1888. The original patent was only for the gliding mechanism, not for the whole chair design. The patent was assigned to Peter Lowentraut by Hall before the product went into production. Because of this, gliders are commonly referred to as Lowentraut gliders even though the original patent wasn’t his own design. 

What is a Glider Chair for Outdoor Use?

What is a Glider Chair Made Of

Glider chairs started off primarily as a chair for indoor use. In more recent years, gliders have found their way into patio furniture designs. Gliders are great choices for outdoor use because they work on any surface. Because of their fixed base, a glider can sit on any type of floor in your outdoor space and still maintain a smooth rocking motion. The base of the chairs is stationary, while the moving track is suspended above it. This allows smooth movement on sand, gravel, grass, or patio pavers. 

Different Styles

Different styles of outdoor gliders have emerged over the years. Outdoor glider benches have become very popular in the outdoor furniture market. These offer enough space for multiple people to sit together on a glider. 

Beyond the choice between a bench or chair glider, there are style choices you can make as well. Gliders come in a classic Adirondack style, a more classic square design, and more! 

You can choose between many different materials for your gliders. A lot of gliders are made of hardwood or poly material. A more aesthetically pleasing choice is a wicker glider. These won’t bear up in weather as well as wood or poly patio furniture, but they’ll look stunning in your backyard.

Different Sizes

Outdoor gliders come in different sizes. This allows you to choose exactly the right fit for your needs. Looking for something to fit in a tight space? Choose a patio glider chair. If you’re looking to create an outdoor space where you can catch up with friends and family, choose a bench glider. Outdoor gliders are the perfect way to make your patio welcoming and comfortable for entertaining guests. 

Custom Options

When you are creating an outdoor space, you want to really make the space your own. A great way to do this is by customizing your outdoor furniture. Gliders from Four Winds Store can be customized with different colors, styles, and sizes. This is a great way to personalize your outdoor seating space with unique colors that fit your property!


What is a Glider Chair used for

Now, you can confidently answer when someone asks, “What is a glider chair?” You know when they were first designed and the basics of how they function. Now, the choice is yours. Which is a better fit for you? Do you want a lighter rocking chair that offers more range of motion? Or would go prefer a chair with less range of motion but also less chance of injury?

Whatever you decide, Four Winds Store is here to provide you with top-quality outdoor furniture that will give you a comfortable place to relax on your deck or patio. Contact us today if you have questions, or you can request a free quote for your own custom patio chair glider!

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