The 12×16 Shed Guide

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It happened again; you tripped over the shovel and right into the tools and almost cut your hands. If you are in the constant battle of fighting to get more space, it may be time to consider purchasing a 12×16 shed to help with your storage needs. From your kid’s toy storage to making a full-fledged workshop, a 12×16 shed can give you just what you may be looking for.

How Much Is A 12×16 Storage Shed?

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A basic 12×16 shed will cost you around $6,565 to $8,235. However, many variables will make your shed price vary and exceed the quoted amount. Most of the price variance will be due to the added features you select for your outbuilding.

Our 12×16 Shed Styles

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A 12×16 storage shed should not only be something that is readily usable but something that is also attractive for your personal space. We have created three models at varying price points to ensure that you have the best choice available for your 12×16 shed.

12×16 Ranch Shed

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The 12×16 Ranch shed is priced from $7,955 up to $19,372*. The 12×16 Ranch Shed style is ideal for a property that wants a simple, clean, and traditional-looking shed. 

*A model at this price point includes the following features:

Log Siding30 YR Architectural Shingles4 WindowsPressure Treated Plywood Flooring
Deluxe Porch7/12 Roof1 Vent18” Cupola Charcoal Roof
Standard Porch Railing1 Door1 Transom1 Dormer

12×16 High Barn Shed

backyard 12x16 shed

The 12×16 High Barn shed is priced from $7,905 up to $14,664*. The High Barn Shed is an excellent option for homes that need ample storage for large items.

*A model at this price point includes the following features:

Log Siding
Deluxe Porch
30 YR Architectural Shingles
1 Door
4 Windows1 Vent 
Pressure Treated Plywood Flooring2×6 Pressure Treated Joist-12” OC to provide additional structural integrity

12×16 Low Barn Shed

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The 12×16 Low Barn Shed is priced from $6,075 up to $8,788*. The Low Barn shed is a great option for those who love the look of a barn without the chores of the farm. 

*A model at this price point includes the following features:

Vinyl or Wood Siding
30 YR Architectural Shingles
18” Cupola Charcoal Roof
Pressure Treated Plywood Flooring
2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joist – 12” OC

Is 12×16 A Good Shed Size?

12x16 shed interior

Yes! A 12×16 shed is a good-sized shed for storing all sorts of everyday items or even an office shed. We have found that the following items will fit comfortably into your 12×16 size shed:

2 Fuel Can (15″ L x 10″ W)
4 Garden Tools Long-Handled Tools (20″ W x 24″ D)
1 Propane Grill (52.65″ W x 23.3″ D)
1 Ladder (80″ L x 7″ D)
1 Small Drivable Vehicle (72.75″ L x 45″ W)
1 Snow Blower (48″ L x 21″ W)
2 Garbage Bin (28.5″ L x 23″ W)
1 Freestanding Shelving Unit (48″ W x 18″ D)
1 Tool Chest (28″ L x 18″ W)
1 Trunk/Toy Chest (30″ L x 16″ W)
4 Bicycles (63″ L x 23″ W)2 Scooters (24.8 ” L x 8″ W)
1 Wagon (41.75″ L x 20.75″ W)
1 Patio Table (42” L x 4’ W)
4 Upright Patio Chairs (25.2″ W x 23.6″ D)
1 Long Work Bench (96” L x 25” D)

How Many Square Feet Is A 12×16 Shed?

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A 12×16 shed will take up 192 square feet on its external measurement. However, more goes into how many square feet is a 12×16 shed. There are three measurements to consider when thinking of a 12×16 shed foundation space, footprint space, and interior square footage.

12×16 Shed Foundation + Measurement

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A 12×16 shed will need a space of at least 221 square feet. The reason you need the additional square footage is due to the need for a foundation. We recommend using a gravel shed foundation. To allow for the appropriate amount of space will need to have 1 foot of extra space on each side of the shed, meaning that your measurements for space should be designed as a 13×17 space

12×16 Shed Building Measurement

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A 12×16 Shed will have a square footage of 192 square feet. This measurement comes from the length and width of the building. However, this measurement does not mean that all 192 square feet will be usable space as it does not account for the loss of space from the materials used to construct the building.

12×16 Shed Interior Measurement

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A 12×16 Shed will have an interior square footage of approximately 165 square feet. The usable square footage measurement is based on the fact that about 1 foot of interior space is lost due to the building materials. If you find that this sized building is not going to suit your needs, never fear! We have multiple sizes to choose from. 

How Do You Move A 12×16 Shed?

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Moving a 12×16 shed is not something that anyone looks forward to but may need to be done for several reasons. In our experience, we have found two reliable ways to move a shed. The first is moving your shed using a mule; the second is moving your shed by hand. 

12×16 Shed Move With A Mule

Moving your 12×16 shed with a Mul e may sound like we are asking you to do things like it is Little House on The Prairie Times. Hear us out! A shed mule is a tool that is common in the industry and is used to move sheds to the exact location you need. Northland Sheds, based out of North Dakota, has a great way to see how a shed is delivered and placed. 

12×16 Shed Move By Hand

Another but less popular way to move a 12×16 shed is by hand. The most significant benefit to moving your 12×16 shed by hand is that it is relatively cost-effective. The biggest reason moving a shed by hand is so cost-effective is that there is no need to rent any expensive equipment, and you and a few friends can move it relatively easily with just a few hand tools. To have a better understanding of how to do this method, we recommend watching this video and remember always to choose to do things as safely as possible.

12×16 Sheds | The Verdict

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12×16 sheds are a great way to store all of life’s things! No matter if you desire a classic Ranch Shed style or Metal Shed, Four Winds is here to help you. SO fill out a quote form or start designing your 12×16 shed on our 3-D Builder (provided by Esh’s Utility Buildings). 

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