18 Garden Shed Ideas | Make the Perfect Plant Space

Garden Shed Ideas

Are you thinking of adding a new addition to your garden? A shed that is used specifically for your gardening hobby gives you the perfect space for doing what you love most! What do you want to add to your gardening shed? What garden shed ideas are must-haves, and what extras do you want to add to your gardening space?

We’ve come up with a list of garden shed ideas that help keep your space more organized and efficient, as well as some ideas that aren’t completely necessary but make your garden shed a better place! Some of these are DIY garden shed ideas that can easily be done by yourself. For some others, you may need to hire someone more skilled to get the job done properly!

DIY Garden Shed Ideas

DIY Garden Shed Ideas

Whether you already have a shed that you want to use for your garden shed or you’re looking to buy a new shed, there are some great ways that you can enhance your hobby shed. These additions don’t have to be complicated and difficult to still give you a more organized and efficient workspace. Here are some DIY garden shed ideas that can be done by any homeowner!

Garden Shed Ideas -Shelving

Garden Shed Shelving Ideas

Shelving for your garden shed is a key addition to your shed. With gardening, you have a lot of tools, supplies, and plants, and you need a place to keep all of those! Garden shed shelving also can add an attractive look to your shed if it’s done right. 

  1. Wall of Shelves

One great garden shed shelving idea that will add a huge amount of storage space while looking amazing is a wall of shelves. You can add variation to the size of the shelving. This will also give you different spots for different items and will help you keep your gardening supplies organized.

  1. Pegboard Shelving

Adding a panel of pegboard shelving to your garden shed gives you a versatile space for storing your tools. You can add pegboard shelves and hooks to fit all your tools, both large and small!

  1. Potting Shelves

You should have at least a small space in your garden shed where you can display all your beautiful pots as they wait for a plant to fill them. These shelves keep your pots organized and act as decorations for your shed!

  1. Custom Tool Shelving

Choose to outfit your shed with custom shelving that exactly fits your tools. Building your own shelves allows you to make them the size you need to fit your tools and supplies. Different sizes of shelving will at interest and contrast to the interior of your garden shed.

Garden Shed Ideas- Decorating

Garden Shed Ideas- Decorations

Decorating your garden shed may not be essential, but it does help inspire your creativity as you work with your plants. Having a space that fits your aesthetics and feels welcoming is important to keep you inspired for your current project. Find some of our garden shed ideas for decorating, and come up with more of your own!

Garden Shed Ideas- Seating
  1. Create a Seating Space

Your garden shed doesn’t just have to be about creating a space that makes work easier and more organized. You should also have a space where you can enjoy your plants and take in the beauty of nature. Adding a seating area to your garden shed will give you a place to rest or catch up with a friend in your favorite spot.

Garden Shed Ideas- Artwork
  1. Add Artwork

Add artwork to your garden shed for a classy interior design. The combination of the natural beauty of plants with bright artwork will make the space feel welcoming and inspiring.

Garden Shed Ideas- Potted Plants
  1. Use Your Plants

Your plants make the best decoration for your garden shed! Potting your plants in unique pots adds character to the space. Add hanging plants and plants on the shelves. Climbing plants can also be made to grow around the interior of your garden shed and make the space feel like a jungle oasis!

Garden Shed Ideas- Paint

Garden Shed Ideas- Painting

Painting your garden shed gives you an opportunity to personalize your shed and make it truly your own. For the exterior, choosing a bright color will add interest to your garden. If you want a garden shed that blends in with its surroundings, opt for a neutral color that matches the rest of your property.

The interior of your shed should be painted with a bright color, preferably white. This will allow light to bounce off and give your plants the light they need to thrive.

Garden Shed Ideas -Storage

Garden Shed Ideas- Storage

Finishing your garden shed isn’t just about the aesthetics. You also want to make sure that your shed is well-organized and that all your supplies are kept in good condition. With all your tools, supplies, and gardening products, you have a lot of money invested in this hobby. You need spaces that are designed to keep your things organized, neat, and secure. Here are some of our garden shed ideas to optimize the space and keep your supplies in good condition. 

  1. Optimize Door Space

Doors can easily be overlooked for extra storage space. Besides serving as the entry to your shed, they also give you handy storage on the interior of your shed. Adding hooks to the top of your door will give you a place to hang all those unhandy long tools that clutter up your shed. Not only does this give you a storage space that takes up very little space, but it also makes grabbing the tool you need easy and quick. 

  1. Add Rolling Storage

Add a rolling cart to your garden shed to use as your potting bench. You can get potting carts that give you storage underneath the workbench area. What makes this a really great idea is that you can easily roll your potting bench outside to do your repotting in the sunshine. This also keeps the mess out of your garden shed! Using a rolling potting bench will also allow you to remove it from your shed when you aren’t using it, and you can enjoy the space that is freed up with having a mobile potting bench.

  1. Storage for Potting Soil

As a plant lover, you go through a lot of potting soil. Keeping your potting soil fresh and free of bugs and other pests is essential to raising happy and healthy plants. If your potting soil is exposed to too much heat and sunlight, the nutrients can break down, and it won’t give your plants what they need to thrive. If you want to keep your potting soil fresh, you need a cool, dark place to store it. Having a designated bin for your potting soil is a great idea for keeping your shed organized. Make sure your bin is airtight and that bugs can’t get into it.

Features For Your Garden Shed

Garden Shed Ideas- Features

What are some key features that you need to add to your shed to make it a true garden shed? What do you want to add to your space to create the garden shed of your dreams? There are some features that aren’t necessary for your garden shed, but we’ve found four main things that, as an avid gardener, you’ll want for your shed. Take a look at what we think are essential garden shed ideas!

Planting Space

Garden Shed Ideas- Planting space

While a planting space isn’t necessarily essential to a gardening shed, they make spectacular additions! You can just do your re-potting on the ground or a patio table, but having a space that is specifically for repotting comes in really handy! Here are some ideas for outfitting your planting space. 

  • Add a potting soil bin underneath your workbench
  • Add hooks above your potting bench for hanging tools
  • Keep seeds organized in drawers
  • Add a sink to your workbench for easy clean-up and watering

Lots of Windows

Garden Shed Ideas- Windows

Light is essential to plants! If you keep plants inside your garden shed, you need lots of windows to let natural light into your plants. Not only will this benefit your plants, but it will also give you a brighter space to work in! Add extra windows to your shed to create a greenhouse effect for your plants.


Garden Shed Ideas- Plumbing

Plumbing in your garden shed makes your job so much easier. Adding a sink with running water gives you a place for washing up after getting dirty in the garden without taking the dirt into your house with you. Having running water in your shed will also make keeping your plants watered easy and quick. 


Garden Shed Ideas- Organization

Organizing your garden shed is essential to your productivity! With a hobby like gardening, you accumulate a lot of things. From all those cute pots you can’t turn down to a new product to heal a sick plant, there is a lot that goes into gardening. You need good shelving and organization to keep all the chaos in order. Spend time and money at the very beginning to fully organize your shed before the disorder gets too overwhelming!

Garden Shed Ideas- Landscaping

Garden Shed Ideas- Landscaping

Your garden shed will add a charming look to the landscape of your property. Incorporate landscaping around your shed to blend it in seamlessly with the rest of your property. Whether you want flower beds surrounding your garden shed or a patio area, landscaping around your garden shed is essential! Check out some of our garden shed landscaping ideas to get inspired for your own!

Add a Patio

Garden Shed Ideas- Landscaping with Patio

A patio area right beside your shed helps to incorporate the building with the rest of the property. Your patio area can be used for eating dinner al fresco and entertaining friends for garden parties. Adding patio furniture gives you a place to sit and relax after working in the garden!

You can get creative with the patio design you choose. Choosing a checkerboard style that incorporates both pavers and grass adds a charming and unique look to your garden. The natural materials contrasting with the material you choose for your patio will add interest and elegance to your landscaping.

Add a Deck or Porch

Garden Shed Ideas- Porch or Deck

Adding a deck or porch to your garden shed not only adds to the curb appeal of your home, but you also get to enjoy the extra outdoor seating space. Add a cafe table, porch swing, or another comfy seat to your porch or deck to give yourself a place to soak in the beauty of your garden.

Add Window Boxes

Garden Shed Ideas- Window Boxes

Window boxes are the perfect way to add natural beauty to your garden shed. Adding window boxes filled with plants helps fit your building in with the rest of the property. 

Think of Your Own Garden Shed Ideas!

Garden Shed Ideas- Four Winds Store

Our list of garden shed ideas doesn’t even begin to cover all that you can add to your garden! Get creative with your new addition and outfit it will all the bells and whistles you want to make it the space of your dreams.

If you need a reliable and durable building to transform into a garden shed, look no further than Four Winds Store! We have a variety of outbuildings in different styles and sizes. These sheds can be customized to fit your needs and wants and will be the perfect addition to your garden! Contact us with any questions to get started on your new garden shed!

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