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The Ultimate 26 Shed Ideas + Uses List

shed ideas for windows and doors

So you have a backyard shed. How do you plan on using it? Did you know there are actually hundreds of potential uses for your outbuilding? We have compiled the ultimate list of 25 shed ideas you can use for your outdoor shed to create the best space tailored to your needs! Let’s get started with the first shed idea.

Shed Ideas: She Shed

she shed ideas

The classic she-shed is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. Whether you are a full-time mom or you spend the whole day away from your house, a she-shed can be the best spot for evening relaxation. The best part about your she-shed is that you can design it specifically to be personal to you. While everyone may have the same phone, no two she sheds are alike. Below, you will find some of the general things you may want inside your she-shed!

Interior She Shed Ideas

  • Seating – Whether it’s a reclining chair or a comfortable couch, having the best seating is one of the crucial elements needed in your she-shed.
  • Shelves – You can choose from many different shelving styles: bookshelves, hanging shelves, or even shelving that goes around the top of your wall! If you aren’t displaying books, why not display memories and pictures from some of your favorite moments?
  • Decorations – There are a lot of decoration ideas to pick for your she-shed. The most common decorations found in she-sheds are lights, photos, and furniture accessories. Things like blankets and pillows really help to tie your she-shed together.
  • Workspace – Giving yourself a dedicated workspace in your she-shed will help productivity soar. It could be a laptop on the couch or getting your own desk with monitors!

Shed Ideas: Storage Shed

backyard storage shed ideas

One of the most obvious ways to use your backyard shed is for all of your storage needs. Having a decluttered house is more of a benefit that we may realize at times. There are no annoying boxes to move around in your home, no basement clutter, and your closets are not overflowing with things you only use once a year. A storage shed gives you a dedicated space to have items out of sight and out of mind. Don’t be weighed down by all of the household chores it takes to clean up all of your extra stuff. Use your shed for storage!

Exterior & Interior Storage Shed Ideas

  • Flooring – A simple plywood floor will do the trick if you use your shed only for storage. This will help you save money on your shed and also give you a sturdy option to house all of your items.
  • Windows – While you may not want to invest in windows because it’s just a storage shed…windows can make your shed look more home-like. Bring a touch of class and aesthetics to your storage shed!
shed ideas for roof styles
  • Roof Style – Depending on your preference or climate, you may want to consider a few roof options. 
    • Modern Roof – These roofs are also called hip roofs and are sloped on all sides. These roofs are more complex but hold up better against strong winds and storms.
    • Gable Roof – This is the most common type of shed roof, and it looks like a traditional house roof. The two slopes are on the sides and come together at the high peak in the center. Gable roofs are easy to build and provide enough room for ventilation because of the slope. They also allow snow to fall off the roof to avoid any stress for your shed.
    • Gambrel Roof – This type of shed roof is similar to the gable roof style, but the slopes are steeper, creating more space if you want a loft inside your storage shed. You will often see gambrel roofs on barns, but they also are great for sheds!
workshop shed ideas
  • Extras – These extras are in no way needed but can add more aesthetics to your storage shed!
    • Cupola – These roof structures can be for show or help with the ventilation of your storage shed. You can find these at the shed company itself or online at places like this!
    • Interior Shelving – Keep your items off the floor and more organized with interior shelving. This can also save your back because you won’t need to bend to lift!
    • Hooks – If you are storing items that can hang easily, setting up a few hooks can really help to save your floor space.
    • Security – Leaving items outside of your house can feel a little strange. Protect your stuff with some added shed security. This could be a simple padlock or a reinforced door with a code needed to get inside!

Shed Ideas: Shed Bar

bar shed ideas

Using your shed as a bar can help create a space for people to hang out. Not only do you not need to drive and spend an outrageous amount of money on over-priced drinks, but you can also set up your bar shed to be able to watch sporting events and play games with your guests! Throw in a few TVs and a pool table, and you may even need to start charging people a cover fee!

Interior Bar Shed Ideas

interior bar shed ideas
  • Bar Supplies – Make sure you have enough room for all of the supplies you need to have a bar. Think through space for a refrigerator, dishwasher, bar top, drink storage, and maybe even a small kitchenette!
  • Games – Grab a pool table, dart board, or even some old box video games to set up in your shed bar. This will help turn your space into a spot where friends and family can spend hours.
  • Electricity – This may be an obvious one for this shed idea. You will want various forms of lighting and the ability to power electronics if you plan to spend time here.
  • Heating/Cooling – Another great interior bar shed idea is temperature control. Freezing while shooting pool in your shed bar is not what you want. Set up AC and heat!

Shed Ideas: Man Cave Shed

exterior shed ideas

Some may think a man cave shed is the same as a shed bar. While a shed bar can be a way someone uses their man cave, they are not always the same! A man cave shed can be any space that helps you feel relaxed after work or on the weekend. In the same vein as a she-shed, these sheds are personalized to the individual. 

Man Cave Interior Shed Ideas

man cave shed ideas
  • TV – Whether for movie watching, gaming, or watching your favorite team win the title, a big-screen TV definitely has a home in a man cave shed. 
  • Seating – One thing is for sure…a comfortable seat makes all the difference when you are gaming or spending long periods of time seated. 
  • Games – Putting in a foosball table, ping pong table, pool table, dart board, air hockey table, or other games can add to the entertainment level of your shed man cave!
  • Decor – Decorate your man cave with the best of your team’s sports memorabilia, favorite movie posters, or even framed vinyl from your favorite bands.
  • Weights – Turn your man cave into a weight room by adding a full body system or just getting some free weights! Spend time lifting and getting into shape in your backyard shed! More on this later!

Shed Ideas: Office Shed

office shed ideas

Working from home has never been easier with a personal office shed. Whether you own your own business or just need a dedicated workspace for your current job, a shed can help. If you are looking for a complete guide for your office shed, check out our other article about deciding to have an office shed.

Interior Office Shed Ideas

backyard office shed ideas
  • Natural Light – The lighting in an office should be different than in a home or any other way you plan to use your shed. With how much you need to focus and your eyes getting strained, natural light is a great way not to get headaches every day. 
  • Comfortable Chair – If you are in an office, you are going to be doing a lot of sitting. This means you will need to get a comfortable chair to spend your working time in. Find one that won’t have your back screaming at the end of each day!
  • Refreshments – Every time you leave your office, you begin to lose productivity. One of the ways to have everything in-house is to make sure you have enough snacks and drinks to hold you over for the day! Put a coffee machine in as well to boost your energy!
  • Bathroom – After all your coffee and water, you may need a bathroom break. It would be much easier if you installed a bathroom right in your office shed!
  • Workspace – You will need a workspace designed explicitly for your job and your working style. Whether that is a desk, a computer, a drawing pad, or a giant whiteboard…get everything you need for a successful day!

Shed Ideas: Pool Shed

pool shed ideas

A pool shed can look very different depending on how you plan to use it. It may be a guest house pool shed, a storage pool shed, or a concession stand pool shed. No matter how you plan on using it, a pool shed can add a lot of benefits to your property. House guests, grab a pool snack or give people a place to change to prepare for the day’s adventures.

Interior Pool Shed Ideas

Since there are so many different uses for a pool shed, here are the three main things you will see in a pool shed used for storing pool items and getting out of the sun on scorching days./

  • Changing Area – This area makes it easy to get into a swimsuit or back into regular clothes without needing to go hiking through the house, getting everything all wet. You can also include a shower in your pool shed to make sure you can get ready for work after an early morning of swimming laps.
  • Storage Shelves – Keep the floaties, inflatables, slide, and water sports equipment safe from the elements by storing them insight your pool shed on shelving!
  • Kitchenette – While this isn’t a full kitchen or poolside concession stand, a kitchenette can help keep you hydrated on a hot day and provide the snacks you need to just keep swimming. 

Shed Ideas: Greenhouse Shed

greenhouse shed ideas

Grow plants from all climates right from your backyard with a greenhouse shed. These small structures make it easy to create plant life and store the necessary tools to help it thrive. With this style of shed, you can add heating elements or even watering elements to make sure your plants, herbs, and flowers grow precisely the way you want them to.

Exterior and Interior Greenhouse Shed Ideas

  • Polycarbonate Windows – These windows will help to spread out and maximize the sunlight in your greenhouse. That way, all your plants get the light they need no matter where they are placed inside the greenhouse shed.
  • Tables – While you may want to do most of your growing straight in the ground, give yourself some extra room a little higher up with greenhouse tables. Start your veggies and herbs small before they get re-potted!
  • Ventilation – Vents are one of the ways you can control your greenhouse temperature. It also is an excellent way to let fresh air in. Make sure you have a suitable climate for your vegetation!
  • Insulation – Keep your greenhouse at the optimized temperature with insulated walls and an insulated ceiling. It can be tough to grow plants if the climate changes rapidly and doesn’t stay where it needs to be.

Shed Ideas: Gym Shed

gym shed ideas

A gym shed is a perfect place to get in your daily and weekly workouts. It can be tough to find a space to have all the equipment and machines you need to work out well. Using a shed also helps keep your home smelling fresh while giving you the freedom to use that spare room in another way! It also keeps your gym on the “main floor,” which means no hauling equipment up or down stairs.

Interior Gym Shed Ideas

workout shed ideas
  • MultiUse System – While a shed doesn’t offer you a commercial-sized gym space, you can condense your machines into 2-3 and still get the same full-body workout you want to have.
  • Free Weights – These weights are now customizable to be able to fit into small spaces. That means you can increase weight while still having a comfortable amount of space in your backyard shed. 
  • Windows – Making sure to include windows in your gym shed is going to benefit you and anyone else who comes inside. Bring fresh air into your workout space while also helping to control the temperature.
  • Electricity – If you plan to use your shed at night or during the colder months, adding electricity would be very beneficial. That way, you can work out any time of day and season!

Shed Ideas: BBQ Shed

smoke shed ideas

Having a shed as a smoke room or a simple BBQ structure can bring the best flavor to your meat. Installing a smoker, grill, and counter space for prep in a backyard shed can help you prepare large quantities of food for friends and family. Just make sure you have your shed ventilated properly! A BBQ shed also allows you to be able to cook delicious food in colder temperatures outdoors. Insulate your smoke shed so that you don’t need to freeze every time you go out to check your food.

Interior BBQ Shed Ideas

  • Granite Counters – These countertops are easy to clean and maintain while also being highly durable and long-lasting. A few cabinets topped with these counters will make for the perfect prep area.
  • Roof Vents – Venting your BBQ shed is going to be really important because you won’t be there during the whole cooking process. Since you won’t be able to determine the temperature in your shed, get a vent that can do the job for you!
  • Higher Roof – This will allow any smoke to travel up and through your roof vent. Get the smoke out of the way with a shed roof style that is taller and has a higher pitch.
  • Windows – Some days, it will be necessary to open windows in your BBQ shed. Get fresh air in and hot air out faster with extra windows!

Shed Ideas: House Shed

home shed ideas

One of the best ways to save money when buying a house is to downsize and buy a less expensive home. A shed house can be an effective way to enter into the tiny home life. Outfit your shed with a back deck, electricity, insulation, and a finished interior to thrive and live inside! This could also be used as a small vacation home or an Air BnB that you can rent out to guests! Earn a little extra income with a house shed.

Interior House Shed Ideas

interior house shed ideas
  • Rooms – Separating your tiny shed house into rooms can make it feel bigger. Depending on your shed size, you can still have a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and shared space. 
  • 2nd Floor – If you can have a 2nd floor on your house shed, the shed ideas list grows exponentially! Now you can decorate more rooms, have additional furniture, and even a deck off your 2nd floor.
  • Fireplace – Whether you are using your shed as an Air BnB or for yourself, a fireplace is one of the best ways to make your space feel like a home.
  • Creative Storage – Given that this is a small amount of space, there will need to be a few creative ways of storing all of the items you need to run a shed house. Bins, loft space, drawers under the bed, cubbies, and cabinet space will all come in handy.

Shed Ideas: Garage Shed

garage shed ideas

Simply by adding a garage door to your shed, it can become something so much more! Keep your car safe and out of the weather with a garage shed. This shed style can also double as a workspace or workshop, depending on how you look at it. You can work on projects for your home or small business and still have extra space to store a vehicle or items from your home.

Interior Garage Shed Ideas

interior shed ideas for shelving
  • Built-In Workbench – If you are already creating the design for your new garage shed, why not add a custom workbench? Give yourself the room you need to get all of your projects done.
  • Tool Racks – Storing tools can be a hassle. In a garage shed, you can add pegboards or tool-organizing drawers to help keep everything where it needs to be.
  • Space For Two Cars – Sometimes, a one-car garage shed isn’t enough. Expand your space for your 2nd vehicle by selecting a two-car shed garage instead!
  • Storage – Utilize bins, shelves, hooks, and more to give everything a home in your garage. If you need more ideas, check out this garage storage blog!

Shed Ideas: Hobby Shed

hobby shed ideas

Giving yourself the space to enjoy an activity you love can be a gift. If your home is already crowded or seems like it would take on a huge mess with your hobby…a hobby shed is one of the best solutions. Whether you are into writing, art, movies, gaming, sewing, working out, or anything else, you can have a shed serve the purpose you need it to. Check out a bonus shed idea below of a style of hobby shed!

Art Shed Ideas

painting shed ideas

If you love to paint, draw, sculpt, or create…an art hobby shed will be right up your alley. With this shed idea, you can choose your layout and create a tailor-made space for you and your creations. There can be windows for natural light, outlets to run your pottery equipment, room on the walls to display, and a tough floor to handle the mess. 

Interior Hobby Shed Ideas

  • Space – Boxing obviously requires more room than painting. Your hobby may need a 200 sq ft space or a 500 sq ft space. But knowing that going into your shed build will be key.
  • Lighting – This is another element that can change depending on your hobby. If you are a gamer, chances are you won’t need as much light as if you wanted a private library for reading. 
  • Sound – If you plan to use your shed for a music studio shed style, you should consider soundproofing your walls. If you are trying to record a podcast, keeping outside noise away from your microphones is going to be key!
  • Add-ons – Having the right add-ons for your hobby shed is really what tailors it to you personally. If you need more electricity, more light, more space, a dark room, more ventilation, or anything in between…don’t be afraid to find out what your shed dealer can do for you!

Shed Ideas: Food Stand Shed

food stand shed ideas

Whether you want to start your own business or simply have a family fun food stand out by the pool, a shed allows you to do that! Turn your shed into a hotdog stand, burger joint, or the best place to get nachos in your neighborhood! Earn extra income, or save your home from pool-soaked kids running all around by bringing the food to them!

Interior Food Stand Shed Ideas

  • Refrigerator/Freezer – Even if you aren’t mass producing delicious food for paying customers, a small chest freezer or fridge can help keep all of your food products edible for much longer.
  • Double-Wide Window – A large window, or even just an open space, will give the feeling of a classic food stand. When you can open it and pass food through, it makes it feel all the more like you are at a carnival or amusement park!
  • Grill/Stove Top – Depending on how far you want to take your food stand, you can install kitchen items like an indoor stove, an oven, or even put a grill inside to be able to make the food people want!
  • Prep Space – Preparing your food is a lot easier if you give yourself the counter space to handle everything. From storing utensils, creating the food, and holding appliances…install some table/counter space in your food stand shed.

Shed Ideas: Playhouse Shed

playhouse shed ideas

A playhouse shed is a fantastic way to get your kids outdoors and using their imaginations. With your children’s creativity, a playhouse shed can be a castle, fortress, small house, or even a pirate ship. Get a fun gift that will last for years without breaking the bank!

Interior Playhouse Shed Ideas

loft shed ideas

Depending on how you want to style your kids’ playhouse or the magical place they want it to be, there may be a few variations of the below list to choose from!

  • Table + Chairs – Whether this is the dining room of a very famous person or the mess hall of a castle before a battle, a simple set of chairs with a table can help the imagination in your playhouse shed.
  • Loft – A loft gives an enjoyable 2nd level to the interior of your shed playhouse. With a ladder attached, you can climb up to the crow’s nest or the tallest tower of your fortress to get a better vantage point of the surrounding kingdom.
  • Paint – If you have a specific theme that you want your playhouse to be, it’s easy to throw some paint on the interior walls to go right along with how the structure is going to be used.
  • Storage – Your playhouse use may change from one week to the next. Having storage bins or other storage options inside can help keep the toys and elements used to create a fun space out of the way when they aren’t in use.

Dog Kennel Shed Ideas

dog kennel shed ideas

A dog kennel shed can be a great idea for those beautiful days when you want to let your dog roam free but have an enclosed space where they can relax too. Dog kennel sheds don’t just have to be for breeding dogs at your home. If you don’t like crating your dog inside all day, you can allow them to have this outdoor area. A dog kennel is mainly comprised of the shed portion and a fenced-in outdoor area of your property.

Interior Dog Kennel Shed Ideas

shed ideas for your dog
  • Dog Bed – Having a space in an indoor area for your dog is essential. Fill this space with toys, a bed, and blankets so your pup can stay comfortable and warm!
  • Indoor Play Area – While an outdoor space to run and play is great, rain can quickly come and put a stop to that. Have your kennel shed be able to give your dog space to play indoors too!
  • Dog Doors – Going from one section of the kennel to the other, or even going outside, your pup will need a dog door to be able to travel around. 
  • Windows – Natural light is excellent for a dog, and not just because most like to take naps in the sun. Allow your puppy to see outside and keep your dog kennel well-lit!

Shed Ideas: Cabana Shed

patio cabana shed ideas

A cabana shed, while similar to a pool shed, is really more about relaxation than anything else. These sheds are often by pools or next to back patios and decks. That way, your cabana shed is never far from where you are already lounging. Below, we will talk through some of the best interior ideas and ways to take relaxation to the next level with a cabana shed.

Cabana Shed Interior Ideas

  • Ceiling Fan – A nice breeze on a hot day is just what you need in your shed cabana. Relax in the shade while enjoying the wind your fan creates!
  • Lounge Furniture – Since the goal of the shed cabana is to relax, finding the most comfortable lounge furniture is imperative. Whether sitting with your feet up or lying down…check out recliners, sofas, or chairs that can make your day much better.
  • Mini Fridge – Refreshments should always be close enough when you are relaxing. Placing a mini fridge inside your cabana will allow you to continue being at peace while taking a sip of your favorite afternoon beverage. 
  • Extra Windows/Doors – A shed cabana is supposed to allow you to feel both indoors and outdoors at the same time. Filling the walls with extra windows and doors can be a great way to let this happen. During bad weather, you would still be able to use your shed cabana too!

Shed Ideas: Tool Shed

tool shed ideas

If you are a master craftsman or seem to have collected numerous tools over the years…a tool shed is the best solution for your storage needs. You can select a ton of different ways to store your tools too! From hanging tools to drawers that are filled to the brim…a shed is a great way to keep everything where you need it.

Interior Tool Shed Ideas

workbench shed ideas
  • Peg Board – Attaching hooks to a pegboard and hanging your tools gives you an easy way of organizing your tool shed. From hanging power tools to hammers, you can easily have a home for every piece.
  • Workbench – A workbench is great because it also acts as a small element that can help with tool storage. Whether you have a quick project to work on or you just need extra shelving space for storage, a workbench can provide a solution. 
  • Cabinets – For tools that are too heavy to hang or awkward in shape, utilize cabinets that help hold and keep your tools off the floor.
  • Jars – For all of your screws, nails, bolts, and nuts…utilize jars that can make sure your floor isn’t littered with these small pieces!

Shed Ideas: Small Business Shed

small business shed ideas

Are you thinking more about using a shed as a space for a small business? Here are four small business ideas you can run right from a shed. 

  • Barbershop – Cut hair in style with a dedicated space right on your property devoted to making other people look their best! Add chairs and electricity to bring a comfortable environment for people to get their hair cut and any other grooming they may need!
  • Electronic Repair – Are you good with phones and computers? Start a small business around electronics right inside your backyard shed. Have a space for repairs, storing parts, and showing your potential customers their working items!
  • Pet Grooming – Similar to the layout of a dog kennel, you can also open a pet grooming business inside a shed. This shed idea helps you to clean and cut the hair of any dogs in your area. 
  • Wood Working – If you are really good at creating something from scratch, why not open your own woodworking business? Create presents that people can order for their loved ones or furniture that will be around for years. 

Shed Ideas: Cabin Shed

cabin shed ideas

A tiny cabin shed is an ideal small vacation home for you and your family. If you own land around your favorite lake or in the mountains you have been going to for years, putting in a cabin shed can allow your family to experience memories and fun for a lifetime. A cabin shed can be as small as one room, or you can put up interior walls to allow for some rooms in your cabin as well.

Interior & Exterior Cabin Shed Ideas

  • Firepit – An outdoor firepit is perfect for cold or warm nights! Sharing stories and roasting marshmallows are the two perfect things for making vacation memories.
  • Back Deck – Sit on your deck furniture with a cup of coffee, watching the sun rise over the hills. Create moments and a space to relax outdoors at your shed cabin.
  • Wall Space – Whether the space is for hanging pictures from times at the cabin or mounting your hunting catches…wall space will be an important part of your cabin.
  • Wood Stove – If you aren’t looking to install central heat, a wood stove can be a great way to heat a cabin in the winter. Grab your axe and head outside for the fuel, and you will be set all night!

Shed Ideas: Writing Shed

writing shed ideas

Finding a space where you can sit down, concentrate, and put ideas on paper can be challenging, depending on your surroundings. With a writing shed, you can have a dedicated space to work on books, an autobiography, comics, and more!

Interior Writing Shed Ideas

  • Big Desk – If you spend a lot of time writing, you know it’s not just on one paper. You have organizational charts, character sheets, a storyline, and more! A large desk can help you keep everything where it needs to be to create a great story.
  • Natural Light – If you plan on doing your writing during the day, help your eyes with the natural light that comes from extra windows and skylights. 
  • Vegetation – One of the things that can help people create is having life around them. Besides giving off oxygen, plants can also help improve your mood and your ability to write. 
  • Furniture – Writing at a desk isn’t always the best way to get your creation down. Having places in your writing shed that allow you to change position can help with writer’s block!

Shed Ideas: Gaming Shed

gaming shed ideas

While some may consider gaming a hobby, others consider it their profession. A gaming shed is a unique structure that gives you a space to either earn a living or spend time having fun with friends. If you have played console or PC games with friends, you know that a gaming shed can offer a full-time solution to being able to get together when being in person isn’t always an option. 

Interior Gaming Shed Ideas

  • Space For Friends – Sometimes, you and your friends will be able to utilize your gaming shed together! Play online, but also save room for them to bring their systems so that you can play in the same space too.
  • Ethernet Connection – Wi-Fi can be finicky when gaming. Allow your shed to have ethernet ports all around for the best and most high-speed connectivity.
  • Modern Lighting – Whether you want to backlight TVs and monitors or light the ceiling of your gaming shed with LED tape, you can create a fun and modern-looking environment with lighting alone. 
  • Snack Area – Gamers get hungry. It’s a fact. A shed can easily house a section where you can store snacks and drinks for breaks between rounds. 

Shed Ideas: Cigar Shed

cigar shed ideas

A cigar shed can give you a new place to be able to relax with a stogie in style. Get rid of the smell of smoke in your home by giving yourself a specific place to smoke all of your cigars. The best part is, smoking in a shed can actually yield a better experience too. You can ventilate, maintain, and entertain guests much easier in a space like this.

Interior Cigar Shed Ideas

  • Vents – Make sure you are filtering out the smoke, and filtering in fresh air…otherwise, your cigar experience will be very short-lived
  • Bar – Add a small dry or wet bar to provide a wide range of drinks you can have while you enjoy your cigar.
  • Furniture – You are going to want comfortable furniture you can relax in, but, you will also want furniture that you don’t care too much about. This furniture will get smoky and remain with that smell for the rest of its life.
  • Poker Table – What better way to spend time with your friends than by beating them in a fun game of poker while you all talk and smoke your cigars together?

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