Modern Prefab Cabins

doublewide modern prefab cabin

One of the best things about recent travel is having so many places to choose to stay. It used to be all hotels, condos, or big places. Now, you can rent people’s homes, cabins, and more with different websites and apps. What is even crazier is that you can be the person to rent out your own space! 

Side hustles are very common these days because people want to continue to make more money in their spare time. One of the things that modern prefab cabins allow you to do is make more money! You can not only have a permanent vacation spot for yourselves, but you can also feature your cabin on different apps like VRBO and Airbnb for people to stay in. We can help you figure out some unique cabin interior ideas if you want to do that!

Take a look at the different cabin options we offer in our catalog. Each cabin can be fully customized and finished to fit the aesthetic you want!

Modern Prefab Cabins Customization

modern prefab cabin interior

While each style of cabin has a few differences, there are also many similarities between them. You have the ability to customize, add on to, and change a few components of each cabin. Here is specifically what you can do with each style of our cabins in KY.

  • Exterior Materials – For most modern prefab cabins, you can choose between vinyl, wood, metal, or log siding.
modern prefab cabin wood
modern prefab cabin metal
modern prefab cabin logs
  • Colors – There are many different color combinations you can choose for your cabin in KY. Whether it is a different stain, paint, or material color, you can use one of these combined with your roof type to create a unique look for your cabin.
modern prefab shed colors
  • Roof Pitch – You can adjust your roof pitch for a variety of reasons. Roof pitch creates different amounts of space on the tops of the cabin. This allows for the addition of roof accessories, vents, and custom-sized windows.
modern prefab cabin roof pitch
  • Floor Joist Spacing – If you are planning on furnishing your cabin with appliances, furniture, electronics, and things you would find in a home, you can upgrade your floor joists to 12’’ on center to better hold the additional weight.
modern prefab cabin floor joist
  • Flooring Material – If you are making your cabin fully livable, it is a good idea to upgrade the flooring to be pressure-treated!
modern prefab cabin plywood
  • Windows – Not only can you add or subtract the amount of windows on your cabin, but you can also add different styles of windows. You can choose square, transom, insulated, or ones with shutters and window boxes to add character to your cabin!
moder prefab cabin window box
modern prefab cabin windows
  • Doors – Customize your door styles by choosing single, double, or roll-up doors. Take your motorcycle up to the cabin and have an easy way to store it indoors!
modern prefab cabin garage door
  • Vents – The two popular vents when it comes to modern prefab cabins are gable and ridge. Vents allow you to control the moisture and help maintain temperature in your cabin.
modern prefab cabin vent

Porch Styles

There are 3 main styles of porches when choosing your modern prefab cabin in KY. The question you should ask yourself first is: do you want to spend time on your porch? Certain porches allow for more space to recline and relax in your new environment.

  • Corner Porch – A corner porch is a simple porch that allows for standard windows and doors. Some corner porches feature a railing and a small space for a chair. They add a charming and welcoming look to your building.
modern prefab cabin corner porch
  • Front Porch – The front porch is the traditional style of porch for modern prefab cabins. This has a more open feel with multiple windows and the option for a double door. If you want a space to relax, choose this style of porch!
modern prefab cabin front porch
  • Deluxe Porch – This style of porch is comparable to a wrap-around porch on a house. This allows for the most room and “separate” areas on your porch. These are great choices for a porch dining area.
modern prefab cabin deluxe porch

4 Styles Of Modern Prefab Cabins In KY

Modern Prefab Cabins: Ranch

modern prefab cabin ranch

Ranch cabins have a way of taking a space that looks small on the outside and transforming it to be huge on the inside. If you are thinking about buying a cabin, here is what sets the Rach Cabin apart from all of the rest.

  • Higher Walls – The rach cabin is outfitted with walls that are seven feet or higher. This makes the interior space feel open and spacious.
  • Roof Overhang – Whatever the pitch of your cabin roof, there will still be 6-8 inches of overhang, allowing for protection against winds and precipitation.

Modern Prefab Cabins: Double Wide

modern prefab cabin double wide

Double-wide cabins are just what you would expect. Double the width of normal cabins! If you want a cabin for your family, but you have a bigger family, this is a great cabin for you. Allow us to help you design the double-wide cabin of your dreams that your whole family can enjoy!

  • Extra Interior Space – With double the space of a traditional, modern prefab cabin, these structures are perfect for getaways with friends or family.
  • Roof Overhang – With the increased size of this cabin, an 8’’ roof overhang allows for better protection against high winds and harsh climates.

Modern Prefab Cabins: Double High

modern prefab cabin 2 story
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Double-high cabins give you a second story for your cabin. With the same amount of space on the ground floor as a traditional cabin, it doubles in size when the new floor is introduced! Create separate areas for parents and children with a unique double-high cabin!

  • 2nd Floor – This is the only cabin on our list to feature a 2nd floor. This allows for much more storage than you will get from a loft.
  • Maximize Area – With 2 stories, you have the ability to maximize your property outside with the height of the building beating the width.

Modern Prefab Cabins: High Barn

modern prefab cabin barn

High barn cabins give the character of an old-fashioned barn mixed with the newness of a modern prefab cabin. These types of cabins have a deep length which allows for multiple interior finishing options. Often found with loft spaces for extra storage or sleeping space, high barn cabins are ideal for small families looking for a break from everyday life!

  • Deep Lofts – Forget having to transport multiple things every time you want to go to the cabin. Store seasonal and extra items in your loft space. You can also optimize your space by putting your bed in the loft area.
  • Space – With the open interior and the dynamic length, you will have the most space with a normal square foot area for your cabin

Modern Prefab Cabins: Conclusion

old cabin

If you are in the market for a new cabin in KY, make sure you first decide what style of prefab cabin you want. All of the interior design can happen after you purchase your building, but the style of your cabin can not change. Each style has its pros and cons associated with it, just like anything else. 

If you need any help during this process, contact us, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Happy cabin hunting!

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