Can I Have An Office Shed In My Backyard?

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2020 brought about a lot of changes in the business world. The main difference was the ability for companies to see the benefits of working from home. Not having to travel to an office every day is actually a blessing to a lot of people. One of the best ways to work from home is with your very own office shed. In this guide, we are going to answer questions, talk about cost, and let you know where you can buy high-quality sheds to turn into offices!

Can I Use A Shed As An Office?

office shed with double doors

Yes! A shed is a great place to have an office because it is quiet, can be designed just the way you need, and provides a dedicated workspace to get things done. Working inside your home can allow you to get things done, but interruptions and distractions can play a huge role in hindering that.

How Do I Turn A Shed Into An Office?

turning a shed into an office

Here are the general steps you need to take to turn your shed into an office.

  • Check Permit Needs – Make sure to check on the permits before getting started! You don’t want to run into issues when you are ½ way done.
  • Insulate Your Shed – Giving yourself more control over the temperature of your shed will allow you to work inside, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • Add Electricity – It’s going to be hard to work on a computer, make coffee, or have internet if you don’t have electricity.
  • Drywall – Now it’s time to seal the insulation and create a more “home-like” feel for your shed office.
  • Add Flooring – Plywood over 2x6s is excellent, but if you are going to be spending a lot of time inside, you will want something more finished. Grab some peel-and-stick or even laminate flooring for your new office space.
  • Decorate – Now is the time to add furniture, art, and other accessories to make your office shed precisely the way you want it.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Shed Into An Office?

outdoor shed office

It can cost anywhere from $2,500 – $28,000 to convert a shed into an office. The main factors that raise the cost of this conversion are;

  • Size Of Your Shed – The cost will significantly increase for your office shed if it’s a 20×40 compared to a 10×14.
  • Electrical Package – Adding a line with a few outlets and receptacles is slightly different than putting a complete electrical package into your new office shed.
  • Furnishing – If you add additional furniture like couches, chairs, tables, desks, and more…it is going to increase the cost of your new office. 
  • Additional Options – If you want to add a bathroom, deck, or other extras…it will also increase the cost (sometimes dramatically).

Top Office Shed Benefits

shed office in bowling green ky
  • Out Of The House – You can now have a space away from the chaotic and distracting nature of your house to work peacefully! 
  • Design Is Up To You – You are more limited in having a home office that is inside your home. With a renovated office shed, you can really do anything you set your mind to, including changing the flooring, and walls and adding additional windows for less than it would be to do in a home.
  • Can Be DIY – If you need to add an additional room to your home for an office, it can be a lot more challenging than simply turning a shed into an office.

Does An Office Shed Add Value To Your Home?

shed office for business

Yes! An office shed will add value to your home, provided you don’t take it with you when you leave. An extra dedicated space like that will generally increase the cost of the house equal to if not more than, the price it takes to build.

Is An Office Shed Tax Deductible?

office shed tax write off

If you are using your non-permanent shed as your permanent office, then yes, it is tax deductible if you are self-employed. Generally speaking, if you are using that as an office for a company, then you cannot claim it on your taxes. You may have a stipend or some sort of extra compensation from your company, however! 

What Does An Office Shed Need?

backyard office shed

Here are some of the most common elements in every office shed!

  • Desk – If you are working from a laptop or desktop, you may want a desk in your office either way. There may be some times when you can work from a chair or couch, but sometimes you need some extra monitors. 
  • Refrigerator – If you are creating a space that is supposed to help you focus and work, walking back and forth to your house isn’t going to be the best way to utilize your office shed. Having a refrigerator can give you the ability to stay in your office space and continue getting work done while being able to be refreshed.
  • Couch – Sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week can be challenging. Grab a comfy couch to put in your office shed to give you another spot to get work done effectively.
home office shed chair
  • Office Chair – Picking the best office chair is going to make sure you don’t regret sitting for an extended period of time. To accompany your desk, find the best office chair that will allow you to sit comfortably and work.
  • Outlets – If you are short on outlets in your office shed, putting in a few more doesn’t hurt. If you have a microwave, refrigerator, computer, monitors, wifi, handheld electronics, a coffee machine, and more…you will need a fair amount of outlets.
  • Heating/Cooling – Whether you have systems installed for “central” heating and cooling or if you have some floor units…getting your office to your optimum temperature will allow you to work comfortably.
  • Bookshelf – If you need books for work or just want to appear intelligent…grab a bookshelf for storing books and other decor items to make your office shed feel more like home.
  • Decor – This is going to be mainly up to you! You can add pictures of memories, different knick-knacks, color schemes for your walls, lighting decor, and more!

Shed Office Exterior Ideas

12x20 office shed
  • Pathway – Whether it is for decor or use, a path that leads right to the entrance to your office shed is a great addition. It improves the overall look of your shed, and it can help keep you off of wet grass during your “commute” to work. 
  • Landscaping – Increasing the look of your office shed starts with the surrounding landscape. Adding mulch, flower beds, and edging along the grass, among other things, can really help improve your office shed’s exterior layout.
  • Outdoor Seating – Working inside can be grueling some days. Don’t limit yourself to only one spot to work by creating an outdoor seating area right off of your office shed. Whether it is a hardscape area, or just a place with some seating and a firepit, working outdoors is a nice change of pace to your day.
  • Outdoor Lights – Even though you may not work at night, having an office that isn’t surrounded in darkness will enhance the appearance and give it a calmer disposition! On cloudy days, you can still walk to a well-lit and attractive structure because of the lighting that surrounds it. Here are a few lighting options you can try!
    • Path Lighting – Setting up small solar lighting along your path can create a nice aesthetic for your office shed.
    • Spotlights – Spotlights that are pointed at windows or the decor of the siding of your shed can help to show how nice it looks! 
    • Outdoor Lamps – If you want to go bigger than path lights, getting full-size outdoor lamps can be a great way to treat your backyard office shed as though it is on its own street!
    • Stair Lighting – If your shed office is on a hill or you need to take outdoor stairs to get there, stair lighting is an easy way to add decor and ensure you don’t trip and fall on the way there. 

DIY Office Shed

barn style office shed

When it comes to the additions or alterations you want to make for your office shed, you do have the option to put things in yourself. Here are three things most office shed owners try to tackle by themselves.

  • Office Shed Deck – A back deck can be the best place to finish your work day. Not only that, but it can also double as a place to entertain guests when they are at your house!
  • Solar-Powered Office Shed – Having your office shed run on solar electricity is one of the ways you can help your new space pay for itself. Depending on the size and power needed for your shed, you may be able to tackle this project yourself!
  • Greenhouse – Adding polycarbonate windows or even building off of your shed to add a space for a greenhouse can be an enjoyable home project. Now you can work next to a garden that you created.

Office Shed Foundation

10x12 backyard gravel shed foundation
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Every shed needs a foundation. One of the best foundations you can choose is the gravel shed foundation. This allows your office shed to be supported, drain well, and not shift over time. It is also less expensive (normally) than a full concrete shed pad.

Prefab Office Sheds vs. Turning A Shed Into An Office

using a shed office

If you are deciding on whether or not you should turn an existing shed into an office space or buy a new prefab office shed, this list will help you think through some of the pros and cons of each option. 

  • Do You Currently Use Your Shed? – If you have a shed already on your property, are you using it in any way? If you have storage items or use your current shed to store your lawnmower and other yard tools, chances are you want to keep the shed for storage.
  • Do You Have Space For Two Sheds? – If you have the space for two sheds, keep your current shed for its use and buy an office shed to go in your backyard as well. 
  • Do You Enjoy DIY Projects? – If you enjoy DIY projects, turning a current shed into an office could be a fun challenge for you! You will just need to make sure you have the proper materials and tools. 
  • Do You Have A Timeframe? – If you are in need of an office for your job in the next few weeks, it is better to purchase a shed and not have to worry about having all of the work on your shoulders!

Sheds For Offices In Bowling Green, KY

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Currently, we have a variety of in-stock sheds for sale in Bowling Green, KY. Any one of these portable buildings can be purchased and made into a beautiful backyard shed office! If you are in need of a workspace like this, contact us, or request a quote on an in-stock outbuilding!

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