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Outdoor Prefab Garages

What are Outdoor prefab garages?

how long do outdoor prefab garages last

Prefab garage is short for prefabricated garage, meaning it was built and delivered for installation by builders to customers at the desired location. Since outdoor prefab garages are detached and can be moved from place to place as desired, prefab garages are commonly called modular garages and portable garages.

Prefab garages are generally built with 2×4 lumber walls and 2×6 reinforced pressure-treated lumber floor joists. Prefab garages protect your car from weather damage as well as provide your vehicle with security and more space. Prefab garages are built with different styles and designs and offer a large amount of customization.

Detached Outdoor Prefab Garages

If you’re wondering, prefab garages really are not attached to the home. While you can create a garage and attach it, it then ceases to be a prefab garage. Here is a little bit more about the differences.

Attached garages connect to your house and provide easy accessibility. The attached garages have multiple advantages to them. For example, you don’t have to walk out when it’s raining or snowing they make it easier to access. They also make your house appear bigger.

Detached garages are installed a couple of yards (or much more) away from your house. Detached garages offer you the flexibility of using up the space in your yard that you don’t need vacant. It also gives you a space to store chemicals and any other harmful hazardous equipment that you want to keep away from the house. Detached garages are great if you want a more extensive workshop or do loud DIY projects.

Are Outdoor prefab garages any good?

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Prefab garages are great if you need an affordable yet durable garage to store your vehicle, as well as a space to give you more storage. Prefab garages are an excellent investment since they will last a long time. These custom garages have a lifespan of 25-35 years if they are appropriately maintained. 

Most people buy prefab garages because of their flexibility, as you can use the garage for single or multiple cars. Prefab garages are great if you need a garage as soon as possible since they can be built in such a short amount of time compared to a garage addition. Prefab garages also offer multiple customization options. You can customize the prefab garage with an additional carport for extra car protection. Finally, you can save more money if you go with prefab garage options rather than constructed garages. 

So, are they worth it? Yes!

Do Outdoor prefab garages have a Secondary floor?

2 story garage
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Yes, some prefab garages come with only one floor, but prefab garages can be customized to have a second floor. You can use the second floor of a prefab garage for a loft or apartment. The most common garage with a second floor is for two cars to give it strength and to have a large base size. You also use the second floor as a game room, hobby space, workshop, movie room, and more! Don’t forget to have insulated windows installed. 

What are the advantages of a prefab garage?

how much does an outdoor prefab garages cost

Do you need more space to store your belongings? Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a new car, or you want to repair an older car and need a workshop. Prefab garages offer a lot of advantages. Here are a few.

  • Foundation not required
  • Inexpensive
  • Unlimited Customization/variety of styles
  • One-day installation
  • Portable

Can you install electricity in your prefab garage?

Yes, you can install electricity in your outdoor prefab garages. You will have to let contractors know you want your prefab garage to be customized to have electrical outlets in it because electrical wiring is tricky. Installing electricity in your prefab garage by a contractor will cost different amounts depending on the size and the needs that you have.

How long do Outdoor prefab garages last?

A metal prefab garage lasts about 30-40 years, and a wooded prefab garage lasts about 20-30 years. How long a prefab garage lasts depends on the garage’s material and if it’s maintained properly.

How much do Outdoor prefab garages cost?

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There are multiple sizes for outdoor prefab garages, and they have various costs due to their material, styles, and any customization options added. Here are a couple of basic garage costs. 

Two-car prefab garageThree-car prefab garageThree car prefab garage
Average one-car prefab garage costs $9,000Average two-car prefab garage costs $16,000Average three-car prefab garage costs $25,000
Mid-size one-car prefab garage costs $13,000Mid-size two-car prefab garage costs $18,000Mid-size three-car prefab garage costs $30,000
Larger one-car prefab garage costs $17,000Larger two-car prefab garage costs $22,000Large three-car prefab garage costs $40,000

Do you need a foundation for prefab garages?

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No, it is not required to have a concrete slab foundation to install a prefab garage. However, there must be some gravel or a stone-based foundation if the soil is on the slope. This will make it so the floor of the prefab doesn’t get damaged by moisture in the ground and start to rot. Having a gravel or stone base will increase the lifespan of the prefab garage. For a prefab garage, since you don’t need a concrete foundation, it would be less of a hassle to move the garage from place to place. 

Outdoor Prefab garages vs. stick-built garages, which is better?

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Quality prefab garages are better than stick-built garages. Prefab garages are known to be durable, long-lasting, and lastly affordable. Stick build, on the other hand, while also durable and sturdy, could be very expensive compared to prefab garages. If you want a garage at an affordable price, we recommend you go with prefab garages. 

Prefab garages can be installed within a day, while stick-built garages would take months. The great thing about stick-built and prefab garages is that the customizations are endless. The main pro for stick-built garages is that they last about 40-50 years, while prefab garages last 20-30 years.

Different types of material for Outdoor prefab garage roofs?

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When it comes to roofing materials, there are a lot of options. The most common roofing material used on prefab garages is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials, with a long lifespan and little to no maintenance. 

Metal is also one of the main roofing materials that is commonly used on prefab garages for its durability and lower environmental damage. Metal roofing is resistant to insect damage that causes most roofing material to rot.

The following section will address the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing material used on prefab garage roofs.

Metal prefab garage advantages

  • Fire-resistant roofing
  • Insect-resistant roofing
  • Longer lifespan (40-50) years
  • Easy installation
  • Offers different roofing styles
  • Energy efficiency keeps prefab garages warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Metal prefab garage disadvantages

  • Can get dents
  • Expensive
  • When it rains, it is noisy

Asphalt prefab garage advantages

  • Affordable
  • Diffrent color options
  • Class A fire-rated (not fire-resistant)
  • Not noisy when it rains and snows
  • Easy repair

Asphalt prefab garage disadvantages

  • Excessive exposure to moisture shortens the lifespan
  • Heavy winds could damage the roof shingle
  • Moisture in the roof causes mildew

Membrane prefab garage advantages

  • Fast installation
  • A Lifespan of (30-40) years
  • Affordable
  • Fire-resistant
  • Resistant to mildew growth, wear, and tear

Membrane prefab garage disadvantages

  • Repairing is difficult 
  • Shrinks over time, causing it to leak
  • Doesn’t offer a stylish look

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