Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Have you ever slept in an uncomfortable bed? My guess is that we all have at one point or another. You wake up from what you thought was a deep sleep, only to find that your back isn’t quite moving the way you remember. Bad bed frames can really make or break your day after each sleep. You shouldn’t have to suffer through another frustrating sleep. Maybe it’s time to make a change!

With custom farmhouse bedroom furniture, you can change the way you sleep and give your room a refresh too! The nice thing about changing your bed frame is that you can also get the matching pieces to go with it. From drawers to nightstands, your bedroom is about to get a full makeover.

white farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Purchasing a new bedroom set can be daunting. There are a plethora of options, styles, dealers, and customizable features. How do you even know where to begin? Some may disagree, but I think it is important to start with the style of bedroom furniture that you want.

If you find a comfortable bed frame and you absolutely hate how it looks…you won’t want to look at it for the next 10 years. You may enjoy the space that your bedside table offers, but if it looks like it came straight out of a deep dark cave…it probably won’t last long in your room.

Over the last few years, the emerging favorite style has been the farmhouse bedroom furniture set. Something about the word “farmhouse” really makes people completely interested in whatever you are doing. But do you know what makes something “farmhouse”? Maybe your unique bedroom set is farmhouse style and you didn’t even know it.

So before we take a look at how you can style your room with farmhouse bedroom furniture, we should understand more about the “farmhouse style” in general.

farmhouse style bedroom furniture chest of drawers

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture “Must-Haves”

The word farmhouse is often synonymous with the word rustic. A feel that takes you back to a different age. The funny thing about farmhouse bedroom furniture is that it’s full of contradictions.

For something to be in that category, it seemingly needs to be simple, yet rusticly beautiful. It needs to be weathered, but new. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fully natural, but it needs to have the appearance of being natural. It needs to be big and comfortable, yet somehow worn and imperfect. Artists and designers seem to really enjoy contradictory styles. 

Besides the contradictory nature of the farmhouse style, there are a few things that need to be present to solidify this type of bedroom furniture. 

Warm, Muted Colors:

Earth tones are a must! This means you won’t see a lot of opposite ends of the color spectrum. Dark black, or bright colors are not in the farmhouse family. Then again, you probably aren’t looking for a bright yellow nightstand anyway. 

Re-Use The Past:

Everything may have a shelf-life, but with farmhouse bedroom furniture, your items actually have multiple. Repurposed pieces can create an older-style farmhouse feel.

farmhouse style bedroom furniture vintage clock


More often than not, you will find farmhouse furniture among Amish-style furniture. The way the pieces are made shows that the builder knows their way around their tools. 


You can find lighting, art, tables, rugs, and more to accentuate your farmhouse bedroom furniture. This is what ties together the furniture pieces to the room.

farmhouse style bedroom furniture accessories


Does the room feel like home? It can be simply beautiful, but does it have the feeling of comfortability?

We are talking about grandmas house when you were a kid type of comfortable. You might be in Brooklyn, but it will feel like the countryside. You may have had the worst day at work, but when you come home, it reminds you of a simple time of family, holidays, and apple pie. For that reason, you will also find farmhouse bedroom furniture linked with an American style of furniture. 

farmhouse style bedroom furniture family feel

Design Your New Space With Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Now it is time for you to take the wheel and discover what your farmhouse bedroom furniture looks like! Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can select and arrange your bedroom furniture.

European Farmhouse Style:

Believe it or not, America isn’t that old. Let’s start across the pond with the quaint and proper European style. This style is well-kept, and more minimalist than the traditional American style. With nature and wood accents, it fits perfectly for the less cluttered vibe. (Not all furniture needs to look like it’s from Ikea).

european farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Modern Farmhouse Style:

This may seem like another contradiction, but you can achieve the farmhouse feel, with modern style bedroom furniture. This style breaks a few rules of color, to achieve the natural, yet colder look. Notice all of the pieces used in the room to accent the room itself. From the vintage/modern chandelier to the farmhouse corner chair, this is a clash of 2 worlds. (Modern farmhouse bedroom furniture tends to feature a lot of white colors or a lot of dark colors together)

modern farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Rustic Farmhouse Style:

This style would seemingly be the opposite of the modern style. Imagine life on the actual farm mixed with the 1920s, and you would be close to getting to this bedroom furniture style. Vintage and handmade items belong in this bedroom to accent the fully natural feel. Metal, wood, and nature are 3 key elements of this style. 

rustic farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Coastal Farmhouse Style:

This is actually really tough to achieve. There is a fine line between a coastal farmhouse and a beach house. This style is playful, but not tacky. It breaks the color rule again but doesn’t go overboard. It combines the feel of the location, with the feel of the plains. 

coastal farmhouse bedroom furniture

City Farmhouse Style:

This is another style that can be difficult to grasp. In this style, you walk the line between city/farm, with the new-age hipster style. The trick is giving the open, vintage, natural feel but in a space 3 times smaller than a normal farmhouse. The usage of accessories here really helps make that loud city atmosphere drown away in the earthy tones of the room.

city farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Traditional Farmhouse Style:

The main difference between this style and rustic is the lack of extras. Rustic is trying to be rustic, whereas traditional simply is. That may sound cliche, but the traditional style combines the vintage nature of the rustic style with the minimalism of the European. You also may have sewn your comforter if you are really going traditional. 

traditional farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Colonial Farmhouse Style:

We picture the Mayflower and old Massachusetts when we think of this style. The bedroom space is very large, but the use of accessories is smaller. Multiple colors on the walls and dimmer light give the colonial farmhouse bedroom furniture just the right background. The main word that encompasses the colonial style is “open”.

colonial farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Bohemian Farmhouse Style:

This is the most fluid of the farmhouse styles. It incorporates the classic farmhouse, modern farmhouse, and gives it a western kick. The floor really gives this room the tie with the leather-colored accent. It wouldn’t be uncommon for Middle Eastern, Native American, or American Southwest features to be present here

bohemian farmhouse style bedroom furniture

Another thing that has become popular with farmhouse bedroom furniture is the mix-and-match feature. You can take a piece of farmhouse furniture from one set and put it with another piece of farmhouse bedroom furniture. This incongruent look is wildly popular in many rooms of the house too.

Colors, farmhouse styles, shapes, and sizes can all be paired together to create your own version of a farmhouse bedroom set. 

Pieces In The Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture Set

You have the ability to customize your bedroom furniture set to suit your needs and style. Here are the options you can choose to add to your set!

Bed Frame/Boards:

Think of the bedframe and boards as the centerpiece to the dining room table. It is going to dictate how the room feels and the way the rest of the furniture should look.

Often found in the center portions of the room, you build around it and from it. For the farmhouse style bed frame and head/footboards, you can choose from style, colors, textures, and more!

farmhouse style bedroom furniture bed

Dresser With Mirror:

With the farmhouse style, everything has a purpose. The dresser can be elegant, but will always be fully functional. Choose your dresser based on style as well as what you hope it can store for you. Add a mirror to give the room that feel of extra space and allow you to get ready for the day while sitting on your bed.

farmhouse style bedroom furniture drawers with mirror

Bedside Table:

This nightstand will allow you that extra storage space for everything you want close by. Customize this piece with a pre-existing set, or branch out and make your nightstand your own!

farmhouse style bedroom furniture nightstand

Chest Of Drawers:

For extra space for the room that just can’t seem to get filled. Choose to add more drawers than just a dresser! Perfect for your husband or wife’s side of the room as well.

farmhouse style bedroom furniture drawers


Choose to accentuate all of your pieces with a beautiful metal design. This will allow your farmhouse bedroom to have a modern industrial look. 

farmhouse style bedroom furniture rails


four winds farmhouse style bedroom furniture

You have a lot of different options to choose from when designing your new farmhouse-style bedroom. The word farmhouse gets tossed around a lot, so the first thing you are going to want to figure out is whether or not this style will fit your home.

Remember that you are the one designing your bedroom. You can choose from plenty of farmhouse bedroom furniture, but in the end, it should be how you want it to be. If you want to break some rules, feel free! If you want to add a little more modernization to your style, do it! We hope this article has helped you choose your farmhouse style, and we hope it brings you a good night’s sleep!

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