Unique Bedroom Sets: Full Guide

traditional unique bedroom sets

What is the one space in your home where you spend at least 8 hours a day? Your bedroom! If you are going to spend over 8 hours a day almost every day of the year in that room, wouldn’t you want it to be filled with custom bedroom furniture that is functional and looks good? Finding unique bedroom sets can be challenging because it seems like everyone sells them. With this guide, we hope to give you some insight into figuring out some of the perfect unique bedroom sets for you!

Unique Bedroom Set Sizes

unique bedroom sets sizes

The first thing you will want to figure out is the size of your bedroom set. When you see the phrase “bedroom set size,” all it is talking about is the bed size. The bedside table, dresser, and drawers don’t really increase in size with the bed. Here are the seven different sizes of unique bedroom sets that you can begin to think through!

  • California King 72” x 84” – The California King is not leaps and bounds bigger than the traditional king-size bed. While the length is abundant (for a pet or to avoid dangling feet), the width is actually less than that of the king. 
  • King76” x 80” The king-size unique bedroom sets are one of the most common types people search for. This size grants the most width, with one of the highest lengths offered for your bed. 
  • Queen 60” x 80 The queen-size bed is another sought-after size that is found in many bedrooms. Queen-size beds are preferred over kings because of the monetary savings that come with them. 
  • Long Double54” x 80” – This style gives you the length of a king with a width that is over 20 inches less. The long double is for people who may be taller and not as worried about space from side to side. 
  • Double (also called full) – 54” x 75” – A double-size bed is the last size that will fit two people. The length can be too small for some people, but at the same time, it is a perfect starter bed size.
  • Twin38” x 75” – A twin-size bed is going to be the standard option for older children. These beds fit their sizes comfortably while also allowing for room to grow. 
  • Single30” x 75” – A single bed saves space and money because it is the smallest option. This is going to be the simplest type of unique bedroom set on the market. 

After deciding on your size, you will want to begin figuring out your style!

Modern Unique Bedroom Sets

modern unique bedroom sets

The modernized version of unique bedroom sets can offer a variety of features. Here are some of the features that make up this style:

  • Electricity – It is not uncommon for these unique bedroom sets to have outlets, charging pads, or automatic curtains that come with them. Modernity is often associated with gadgets, and the same can be said for bedroom sets.
  • Simplicity – Even with the addition of electricity, the furniture itself is very sleek and straightforward. There are no extra hand-carved features because most (if not all) of the furniture is made without human hands.  
  • Polar Colors – You won’t find a lot of vibrant colors on modern bedroom sets, but you will find colors that are either on the dark black or brown spectrum or the white spectrum of color. 

Luxury Unique Bedroom Sets

luxury unique bedroom sets

Luxury and modern could sometimes be confused. With this style of unique bedroom set, the look is often favored over functionality. Here are some other important characteristics of luxury bedroom sets. 

  • Presentation – The look of these sets can be a little more boisterous than the rest. Where modern sets are simple, luxury adds in the unique stylistic choices that show craftsmanship. 
  • Additional Features – These features will be different from those of modern bedroom sets. These will include things like matching walls, color and craftsman accents, and additional trim.
  • 4 Poster Beds – Luxury bedroom sets also feature the iconic four-poster bed. This allows for curtains to be hung as an added feature as well. 

Traditional Unique Bedroom Sets

affordable unique bedroom sets

Traditional bedroom sets offer the best of both worlds from the other two we discussed. They have the style and usability that any good bedroom set should possess. Here are the characteristics of this type.

  • Look – The look is really shown in how the unique bedroom set was made. The level of craftsmanship and design comes out without the vast presentation. 
  • Usability – These sets are very usable. They often feature extra drawers and give you a spacious area under the bed for even more storage! 
  • Durability – Because these are not made in a big box chain, their durability will outlast others in the bedroom set class. 

Unfinished Unique Bedroom Sets

unfinished unique bedroom furniture

If you want to have a hand in creating the look of your unique bedroom set, requesting an unfinished group of furniture may be the way to go. This will allow you to paint or stain the furniture however you would like to. This also gives you the ability to leave the unique bedroom set unfinished. That could be a character element in the uniqueness. 

Unique Bedroom Set Accessories

unique bedroom set drawers

What goes along with bedroom sets better than their accessories? Here are four key ways to upgrade and make your set more unique. 

  • Mirrors – Mirrors have a way of making a room look much larger than it actually is. With unique bedroom sets (like these), you can also find a mirror to match the style and help you get ready each day.
  • Shelves – Shelving can be a simple yet effective way to accessorize your room. Besides the ability to store and display, shelves can also fill your wall space. This allows for an extra layer of design when structuring your room. 
  • Light Fixtures – Illuminate your space and bring that feeling of home into your room by choosing the right lighting fixtures! 
  • Bedding Set – If you have a suitable unique bedroom set but the wrong bedding, it won’t have the feel you may want. Bring a little life to the hard work that went into finding the right set by giving it a topper to be proud of. 
  • TV Stand- If you are the type that enjoys watching TV in your room, consider getting a TV stand to match the decor of your bedroom. Check out our blog, ” Ideas for a TV Stand” for some more ideas.

Unique Bedroom Furniture Ideas

unique bedroom furniture ideas
  • Incorporate Art – Adding a little decor to the walls in line with your furniture feel is a great way to have a little more in your room. 
  • Incorporate Lighting – Adding a fixture above your unique bedroom set or on the adjacent wall can make your furniture pop! There are many different styles of lighting for your room that you can pick from.
  • Add Accent Furniture – It may not seem like it, but sometimes one extra piece of furniture can bring a whole room together. Whether a couch, desk, or chair…finding your accent furniture can be all you need. 

Wooden Unique Bedroom Sets

unique bedroom set wood types

As you are browsing for your wooden bedroom sets, here are the common types of wood you can keep in mind! Check out our farmhouse bedroom furniture if you love your wooden bedroom sets.

  • Red Oak – This wood is very easy to sand and stain. With a very distinctive look, it has become a benchmark for bedroom furniture. 
  • White Oak – White Oak wood tends to darken over time. It is another very strong and deep wood that creates a powerful atmosphere. 
  • Walnut – This beautiful chocolate tone is shown in many different modern furniture pieces. Walnut is also a very durable and strong wood. 
  • Cherry – Cherry wood is a fantastic option that actually deepens in color over time as well. It starts with a tint of red and gradually becomes a darker red/brown. 
  • Hard Maple – This tough wood is one of our lighter wood styles. Since that is the case, you can clearly see each unique grain pattern.

How Much Are Unique Bedroom Sets?

wooden unique bedroom sets

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